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Oct 02, 2018


October 2018

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IÉSEG Network's new recruit, Instagram

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook... these three social media share a common feature: they display all of the network's news! Since September, a fourth medium joined the team: Instagram! So, from now on, follow us and discover pictures of our career and networking events. And most importantly, share your photos with #IESEGNetwork.

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Take part in IÉSEG Entrepreneurs Christmas Catalogue!

Holidays seem already long gone? You'd rather not speak about September and going back to school? And what if we thought about the holiday season instead?! For the third year in a row, IÉSEG Network will present its Christmas catalogue in November, a collection of excellent ideas for your end-of-year gifts. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to participate in this third edition, contact Annalisa La Monaca, she will provide all the information to present your products!

Contact Annalisa

[PORTRAIT] Jérémy Damloup – Entrepreneur in Asia: A childhood dream come true

Since his early childhood, Jérémy Damloup has had one ambition: "to leave France and become a corporate manager in China or California". He stacked all the odds in his favour to achieve this goal and today, two decades later, it is largely fulfilled. Numerous exchanges and internships around the world, several professional experiences, mainly in China, and the setting up of a business in Myanmar, in short, a succession of opportunities which allowed him to be where he stands today.

Discover his portrait

[IÉSEG] Professional Advisory Boards: let’s get together!

Being attentive to current developments, IÉSEG regularly organizes Professional Advisory Boards (PAB). An opportunity for professionals and teachers to meet and discuss the curriculums' objectives and contents. Organised in each of the School's programmes, these meetings ensure the consistency of its educational offer and its relevance to the needs of the labour market. Recommendations resulting from these exchanges allow IÉSEG to consistently define its courses through the prism of pedagogical innovation, continually adapting its teaching.

To participate in a PAB, contact Rehab El Gadawy

[CAREER] Eat that frog!

All professionals know "frogs" are part of a company's daily menu. "Frogs" can sprout up through demanding, difficult, complex and even unpleasant tasks and/or actions. We all tend to shelve, ignore, or postpone them. But this proves useless because sooner or later we all have to "eat our frogs".

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Théo Robache (IÉSEG 2017) – The head in the clouds

Théo is easily motivated by new projects and, like many entrepreneurs, he sometimes dives too quickly in his ideas. Taking a step back is essential in any entrepreneurial adventure. And that's exactly what he's been doing since early April, combining passion and work in producing drone promotional videos. To add one string to his bow, he recently got into creating photo frames (for aerial photos obviously!), with a 100% French magnetic system allowing to instantly switch pictures and change decor.

More information about his career and project here!

[IÉSEG] Continuing and professional training: 5 Things to know about CPF (French Individual Training Account)

With this summer's professional training reform, everyone's talking about the CPF [French Individual Training Account] and many changes are expected. At IÉSEG, the Executive Education team is here to help you clarify things and guide and support you through your professional project. Find out why it's time to take advantage of your CPF!

Read more... (article in French)




[REAL ESTATE CLUB] Tour of KOSMO, Parfums Christian Dior's headquarters in 2019 - Paris




[BIRTHDAY CLASS] IÉSEG 1995: "Échappée Bière"'s treasure hunt & Restaurant - Lille




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Brussels




[LIFELONG LEARNING] Want to develop your skills? Take part in the program "Back to IÉSEG"! - Lille & Paris




[NETWORKING] Whisky tasting - Lille




[CONFERENCE] Networking or not working - Paris & Live streaming


GUSTAVE May 6, 2018 - Louise VERSTRAETE (IÉSEG 2010) & Corentin CLAUDIN (IÉSEG 2011)

NATHANAËL June 2, 2018 - Fabrice ANTHONY (Executive MBA - Promotion 2017)

ALICE July 7, 2018 - Juliette FROGER (IÉSEG 2009) & Richard ROBERTS

JOSÉPHINE September 21, 2018 - Charlotte HERLIN (IÉSEG 2004) & Pierre-Olivier BOUREZ

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