I recently started a MOOC on critical thinking. It's a passion for me to reflect about things and about myself first. Also, Critical Thinking is one of the behavioural skills most sought by recruiters today. I chose this MOOC in order to learn more about the topic, to be even more detached from my beliefs and other prejudices and to better support career.


  • You would rather read what I can tell you: It is commonly established in the careers advices that the 4Cs are the 4 "soft" skills or behaviours that any candidate should have, in detail and to stay in the language of Shakespeare: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity;
  • These skills are tested especially in AC Assessment Centres or large groups for strategic hiring as those of Graduate Programs or key positions;
  • Critical thinking is the ability that enables us to think and that can be developed; it gives pride to reason and reasoning;
  • To me it is a great tool that we have to get away from our beliefs (some will remember the phrase I often quote from Miguel Ruiz "95% of our beliefs are lies") focusing on a given reasoning and providing this view to the rest;
  • Critical thinking differs from the spirit of criticism that the former is done with respect and without judgment fuelling a debate whilst the latter often lacks benevolence as it is done with from judgemental position that does not invite to the debate;
  • Philosophy is a fabulous source of development of critical thinking at any age. I can only strongly recommend you the MOOC I followed in 2015. "What managers can learn from philosophy": https: //www.coursera.org/learn/management-philosop ...

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Cyril Regourd, Career advisor IÉSEG Network (c.regourd@ieseg.fr)

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