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Dec 06, 2018


December 2018

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Save the date - Friday, April 5, 2019

Take a deep breath...
Open your eyes...
Listen carefully...
On April 5, 2019 we'll put Paris at your feet and we promise you the BIG NIGHT! For our annual ALUMNI FOREVER party, we invite you to the highest panoramic lounge in Europe, with a breath-taking 360° view of the capital! Did you guess where we’re taking you?
More info will follow very soon...

Organize your class anniversary

You often meet with your friends from IÉSEG... You talk about happy memories, or sometimes not so happy ones (like "Chloé" nights in the info rooms!), but always with a hint of nostalgia... You also wonder what happened to some of the classmates you've lost touch with... What if you all met again for one evening?? In 2018, six different classes celebrated their anniversary – these were warm and colourful reunions, after 10 years for some, after 40 years for others! Who will celebrate their class anniversary in 2019?? If you are up for a reunion, contact us and be sure you'll have our full support to organize a revival party.

Organize your class anniversary!

[PORTRAIT] Romain Vesse-Letoffé (IÉSEG 2017): A head filled with projects!

Although he graduated in 2017, Romain Vesse-Letoffé discovered his true passion for wines and spirits during his 2nd year internship. He then targeted his IÉSEG experiences in keeping with his passion while he was taking part in the associative activities of the School, for example with the launch of the “How I met your start-up” eloquence contest! Graduating in the near future from the Institut Paul Bocuse, Romain already has many plans!

Discover his portrait

[IÉSEG] IÉSEG Career Day - Friday, February 8

The 8th edition of IÉSEG Career Day will be held on February 8, 2019 in Paris – La Défense, Espace Viparis. The goal of this event is to make inquiries, to network and, of course, to apply for positions! This year, 150 companies will be here to meet 3rd year and Master students as well as recent graduates and block release students! In addition to the exhibitor’s area, participants will be able to network with Alumni in a dedicated space and meet start-ups!

Info & registration

[CAREER] Do not trade six of one for half a dozen of the other…

The year is coming to an end... Is it the right time to think about your career? December is here and with it comes the feeling that we are turning over a new leaf... It is time to reflect on many aspects of our lives, and among them, our career.

Read the article

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Paul Toulemonde - "La Maison du Coworking"

Having graduated from IÉSEG, Paul Toulemonde created "La Maison du Coworking" in 2014, a network of all-inclusive, zero-commitment coworking spaces which now has 9 coworking spaces in the Lille metropolitan area. Aware that the current problems of proximity push workers to choose coworking spaces, Paul Toulemonde is now working on franchising his concept in order to expand it at the national level.

Discover his concept!

[STUDENTS] Drive across Europe with THE HARDY CHARLY!

If Clarisse rides at a walking pace, Cécile rather drives at breakneck speed. Because they are complementary, the two friends have decided to speed up. Their challenge? 18 countries in 20 weeks. Their goal? Meet up with you to federate the IÉSEG community and so have a better understanding of the international professional issues they might have after their master. Meet up with them and / or give them a financial contribution through their leetchi to become their adventure builder.

Further info on this project




Annual General Assembly - Lille




[WORKSHOP & COACHING] IÉSEG Network caravan will meet up with you - Luxembourg




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Christmas market - Brussels




[VISION] Consultative panel for young graduates - Paris




[CONFERENCE] Entrepreneurship & Digital round-table discussion - Paris




[WORKSHOP] Have a better understanding of yourself and develop your potential - Lille


ANATOLE September 26, 2018 - Céline SYTSMA (IÉSEG 2009) & Guillaume GERARD (IÉSEG 2009)

SIMONE November 13, 2018 - Dorothée & Antoine LEYDIER (IÉSEG 2002)

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family and you will receive a gift!


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Alumni Projects Officer


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