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Jan 10, 2019


January 2019

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2019, a colourful year

An ever-increasing number of networking events for friendly and agreeable get-togethers. Career services designed and developed to meet your needs. An annual party, hosted in an exceptional setting, with some surprises in store for you. In a nutshell: a programme that promises to be original and varied, both in France and abroad! Any ideas and suggestions you would like to discuss? Feel free to contact us!

IÉSEG Network grows with you!

Given the exponential growth in the number of graduates, the ever-increasing number of our many and varied projects and our desire to support you in fulfilling your ideas, IÉSEG Network is hiring again! The future assistant will hold a variety of roles and responsibilities, supporting the team in different areas, including database updating and website administration. If you know someone who might fit the profile, please contact Laetitia Dugrain Noël.

Find out more about the job description

[PORTRAIT] Jean-Guillaume Karcher – An opportunity leading to an international career

Determined to seize every opportunity, Jean-Guillaume took full advantage of the years he spent at IÉSEG, doing so through associations, his student exchange as well as his consulting project. After a short experience in London, he left for China where he quickly became managing director of a small structure. Today, he is launching a new project he developed with several people: "Help Inspire Share Adventures", an association designed to support educational projects for countries in need.

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[IÉSEG] Come share your experience during Corporate Talks

Just like last semester, the Corporate Relations Department and IÉSEG Network are teaming up to organize Corporate Talks and Networking Tuesdays. Hosted in both Paris and Lille campuses on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm, these conferences are opportunities for students to meet with graduates sharing their professional experiences. Each meeting being devoted to a specific theme, such as sales or entrepreneurship, students can choose the ones they're the most interested in.
Interested in sharing your own experience as a graduate? Feel free to contact us.

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[CAREER] 2019: forget about resolutions and go for the word game!

This year, IÉSEG Network suggests you DON'T MAKE any New Year's resolutions! No, you won't go to the gym three times a week, no, you won't eat green vegetables instead of your usual fries and no, you won't become an expert in tidying up overnight… Still, you really want to? Okay, so, take ONE and ONLY ONE resolution: forget about your New Year's resolutions and be much more subtle!!!

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Tourdumondiste – All you need to know to take a trip around the world

The first spark was a friendship, a common passion and above all a desire to share... Tourdumondiste was born following the round-the-world trip Sylvain Cheynier (IÉSEG 2004) took in 2008 with his childhood friend, François. At the time, Tourdumondiste was only a blog intended to tell their loved ones about their adventures. However, faced with the many difficulties they encountered in finding information to organise their trip, they quickly decided to change and expand its content, publishing information useful to future backpackers.

Discover Tourdumondiste!




[WORKSHOP] AVARAP workshops : Information session - Paris




[REGIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Lyon




[WORKSHOP] Mindmapping or the art of mapping your success story out - Paris




[NETWORKING] Afterwork "Architects of Taste" - Paris




[CLUB] "IÉSEG Au Féminin" cosmetic workshop : Do it yourself for Her & Him - Lille






IRIS August 4, 2018 - Marie-Aude Servant-Landrot (IÉSEG 2008) & Benjamin Servant

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family and you will receive a gift!


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Alumni Projects Officer


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