[NEWSLETTER] March 2019 - Are women's networks an opportunity or a ghetto?, Céline Lévy (IÉSEG 2008)...

Mar 05, 2019


March 2019

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Take this opportunity to meet your friends!

Surely you've heard about THE annual IÉSEG Network party, held this year on the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse on Friday, April 5! Will you be there? You're not sure... Then here's an idea: make the most of this evening and get together with your school year friends! Cocktails, champagne, DJ, breath-taking view and, icing on the cake, your friends to make this an unforgettable evening! You have no reason to shy away now, do you?


IÉSEG Network expands its students services!

IÉSEG Network is constantly looking for ways to guide and support you throughout your career and this starts during your studies at IÉSEG. This is why we decided to recruit not one but three students representatives: Alex Ythier (IÉSEG III) – Lille issues, Sharan Sai Agiri (Master) – International issues and Léo Germain (Master) – Paris issues.
Their first initiative – thematic get-togethers where graduates share their experience with students in a friendly setting – aims to provide students with advice on choosing specialization at IÉSEG and sectors. Feel like sharing your experience? Contact them: iesegnetwork-students@ieseg.fr

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[PORTRAIT] Hugo Schmitt (IÉSEG 2016) – The choice of a general career

Driven by the desire to seize all given opportunities, Hugo chose quickly a general path. Drown by the tech field and small structures, he joins Dataiku in 2016, a company which created a Data Science software. Today, he begins a new adventure, still at Dataiku, where he will develop a new service offering.

Discover his portrait

[IÉSEG] Thursday, June 20: "Université d’Eté" – Inspire!

Because it is vital and also the base word of “inspiration”, implying imagination and creativity, we decided to choose this title as common theme for this event. The day will start at 9:30 am and end at 5:30 pm at our Paris-La Défense campus. The program includes: an opening plenary, 2 series of 5 round tables, lunch and a closing plenary.
See you on Thursday, June 20 for a great day full of inspiring talks and shared experiences, networking opportunities and conviviality.

Further info & registration: Virginie BOISTARD

[CAREER] Are women's networks an opportunity or a ghetto?

« I'm good at what I do, but I don’t see my career going anywhere... I was told to pay attention to networking, should I join a women’s network? »
Naysayers consider these circles a pale and vindictive imitation of historical men clubs, describing them as "women’s ghettos", yet an increasing number of people factually underline the continued difficulties with which women are faced in their careers to justify the need for women’s networks.

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Céline Lévy (IÉSEG 2008) - What you should know about entrepreneurship in Latin America

Expatriated for three years now, Céline launched no less than six companies in Latin America! A row of opportunities destined to be. Her last-born: Learning Trip Agency. And once again, she experienced the ups and downs often linked to a new launch: excitement, changes of direction, uncertainty, euphoria linked with the first “yes”… In short, the pleasure of being an entrepreneur, without forgetting the Latinas “particularities”.

Further info & registration




[NETWORKING] Will you Get Out in 1h? - Lille




[WORKSHOPS TRILOGY] How to strengthen your mental faculties to optimize your performance? - Lille




[NETWORKING] Treasure hunt: "Saint-Germain's investigation" - Paris




[NETWORKING] Wines & cheeses tasting - Lyon




2019 Entrepreneur Contest - Paris




[WORKSHOP] How to be ready for your "job out" ? - Paris


OSCAR May 22, 2018 - Léa LAPOTRE & Jean-Baptiste CUVILLIER (IÉSEG 2009)

ARTHUR February 19, 2019 - Céline & Christophe JAULIN (IÉSEG 2004)

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