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September 2019

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Calling all mentors!

This September, IÉSEG Network is renewing its Graduate-Master Student mentoring campaign. The idea is to encourage any IÉSEG graduates working in France or abroad to use their experience to help current students fine-tune and develop their career plans. Whether in person, by email, on the phone or by Skype: all forms of communication are a good way of staying in touch with your mentoree and giving a little bit of your time for the pleasure of contributing to the professional development of a student!

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Get September off to a good start!

There’s nothing like a sunny summer break to recharge the batteries and get you raring to go, ready to start the new term full of good resolutions! What better way to begin than by updating your contact information? Your postal address, email, phone numbers... Are you sure all the information on your profile is up to date?
If you want to check, it's very simple, click here or contact Hasna Benjana.

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[PORTRAIT] Isabelle Verhaeghe (IÉSEG 1995) - The stuff memories are made of!

Isabelle, who graduated in 1995, has wonderful memories of her IÉSEG years. Along with the lessons, clubs and the quirky student jobs, there are the lifelong links that she forged thanks to IÉSEG. After time spent working abroad, Isabelle has returned to the north of France. In the past two years, she has taken on new responsibilities, becoming Customer Relations Manager for Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.

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[IÉSEG] Take the time to update your skills with our continuing training

Do you want to accelerate your career or specialise in a particular area? September is the perfect time to put together a career plan with IÉSEG Executive Education and Development. IÉSEG helps you to assess your needs and develop your skills and those of your teams to come up with the best programme for you. Together with experts from many fields, IÉSEG offers continuing training and comprehensive, up-to-date, tailor-made, courses to broaden your expertise and that of your teams. Why are you hesitating? Come along to one of our next information meetings!

For more information: Contact our Training Advisors

[CAREER] New for 2019: Let your talents shine!

Do you ever wondered why you make certain choices? Why you do what you do? Why you like certain things? Why you are better at some things than others? There’s a reason... It’s your talents! Identifying what your talents are and transforming them into strengths is the best way to develop a self-awareness and become even more successful!

Find out how you can do that by reading on...

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Onbrane - The platform digitising the debt market

After two years of research and development, the startup Onbrane is preparing to welcome its first customers to its platform for an in-depth transformation of one of the last financial markets to be digitised. The commercial paper market - a market still little known among the general public - now holds no secrets for the Onbrane team, including Etienne Vincent (IÉSEG 2018), Victor Le Barbier (Master) and Arnaud Sales (previous student at IÉSEG).

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[CAREER] AVARAP information meeting @ Lille





[NETWORKING] Afterwork "100% made in France: Pétanque and French Products" @ Paris





[NETWORKING] Out of control Mission - Koezio @ Lille





[ANNIVERSARY CLASS] Class of 1999 - 20 years, it's worth celebrating!! @ Lille





[CAREER] Handling objections in a meeting @ Paris





[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Montréal



ANATOLE February 10, 2019 - Marguerite & Jean-Baptiste CALEMARD (IÉSEG 2010)

MARIUS March 12, 2019 - Caroline DOURIEZ (MIRAMONT) (IÉSEG 2005) & Thibault DOURIEZ (IÉSEG 2005)

AUGUSTIN May 4, 2019 - Delphine & Antoine DECOUVELAERE (IÉSEG 2007)

CÔME June 14, 2019 - Pauline TURBELIN (IÉSEG 2009) & Aurélien DE MONTGOLFIER


ISAURE June 14, 2019 - Valentine (IÉSEG 2008) & Jean-Eudes MULLET

OSCAR June 28, 2019 - Marine DUVERGER (IÉSEG 2011) & Arnaud VAN COPPENOELLE (IÉSEG 2015)

GASPARD June 29, 2019 - Christine & Thibault DANSET (IÉSEG 2010)

ZOÉ August 8, 2019 - Amandine & Mathieu PHULPIN (IÉSEG 2010)

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