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October 2019

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Thank you to our mentors!

The appeal for mentors launched by IÉSEG Network last month has once again sparked a lot of interest. More than 200 alumni will mentor a Master student over the course of a year. The mentoring provides support for students based on sharing experiences, to help them hone and implement their career plans. Although it is hard to predict what questions they will ask, they will certainly be happy to talk to you and will be grateful for your time and your many tips!

Meet IÉSEG students on both campuses...

This year is no exception, come at IÉSEG and join IÉSEG students on Tuesday evening during the Networking Tuesdays and the Corporate Talks, planned by the Corporate Relations departement and IÉSEG Network. These new appointments will be an excellent opportunity for you to talk about your job and career to a few students. Discover the program of the first semester. If you want to take part in one of these topics, contact Laetitia Dugrain for the events of Lille campus and Annalisa La Monaca, for those of Paris campus.

Discover the first semester schedule

[PORTRAIT] Philippe Detavernier (IÉSEG 1976) – In a word… Auchan

Philippe began his career in 1977 as a department manager for Auchan, after graduating from IÉSEG in 1976. He gradually worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming General Manager of Alinéa which belongs to Auchan Holding. His career progressed thanks to Auchan through the various positions he held. Now retired, he looks back at his experiences and his memories of IÉSEG. Find out all about IÉSEG in the 1970s.

Discover his profile

[IÉSEG] Work on your employer brand with our students

Are you interested in a partnership with our school in order to gain visibility with our 5,850 French and international students? September is the ideal time to build your action plan in our School in order to recruit future talents and to develop your employer brand. To prepare them for their professional lives, and as part of their curriculum, our students have the opportunity to interact with our partner companies.

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Have you ever felt a deep calling to change the course of your life to be more in tune with who you really are and so feel more fulfilled? A desire to change your life is not just something that happens to others… How do you know if you’re ready to make these changes?

Read on to discover the tell tale signs...

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Augustin Peugnet (Bachelor student) - Le Frigo

Le Frigo is a business venture launched in January by Augustin Peugnet. He suffered the same frustration during every break - he couldn’t find anything decent to eat. Fast food, often too fatty, didn’t provide a balanced lunch and there were no convenience shops near enough for students to get there and back before classes resumed. All too often vending machines were the default solution. Faced with this situation, Augustin set himself a challenge: to create a new type of intelligent vending machine.

Everything there is to know about this smart fridge

[IÉSEG] Alumni, uncover your job to students on My Job Glasses

In order to reinforce its students support program, IÉSEG is setting up a partnership with My Job Glasses, in which students are trained in the "network interview process". What is the purpose of these network interviews? Build, specify, and confirm their professional project by talking with professionals to understand the reality of a job and his daily life. This can be done via their personal network (IÉSEG Network mentoring for example) or via the My Job Glasses platform. IÉSEG students like to interact with IÉSEG graduates. That's why My Job Glasses is currently running a recruitment campaign on their platform, with IÉSEG graduates.

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[CAREER] NLP: Develop your personal & relational impact @ Lille





[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Get together @ Bogota





[CAREER] How to be ready for your "Job-out"? @ Paris





[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Luxembourg





[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Hong Kong





[WEBINAR] #43 How to leave your boss?



HUGO March 1, 2019 - Marion DEVRIENDT (IÉSEG 2009) & Jean-Michel LEBRUN


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