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November 2019

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Countdown to Christmas!

No sooner is Halloween over than the Christmas decorations start going up in some places and it all starts in earnest… The build-up will continue over the next two months in a happy, festive atmosphere that brings us, not always quite so gently, to the end-of-year celebrations.
IÉSEG Network is no exception and kicks off November by sharing the famous IÉSEG entrepreneurs’ Christmas catalogue with you. It’s out at last and ready to take your orders. You’ll find the old favourites as well as some new ideas. Have a flick through the pages and see what inspires you, who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for a loved one - as well as benefiting from a promotional code.

The Christmas catalogue, it's right here!

IÉS ! #5 - International: The world is theirs for the taking

At a time when days become shorter, we particularly appreciate to sit by the fireplace to read a book or flip through a magazine... The latest issue of "IÉS!" comes at the right time!
Comfortably seated in your armchair, it will make you travel all over the world… From Bogota to New York, via Montreal and Munnar, our graduates strike out into world, go off the beaten track and out of their comfort zone, having adventures that change them forever creating new opportunities alongside local people. They embody the values of IÉSEG and our network, especially the importance of education, showing it is an important means of sharing culture and opening borders.

Enjoy reading wherever you are…

[PORTRAIT] Chloé Oster - An unusual career

Chloé's IÉSEG adventure began in 2010. It was an exchange year in Mexico that set the direction for her career path. The year abroad helped make up her mind that she wanted to combine the technical skills taught at IÉSEG with her passion for the arts in general, and in particular the theatre. Now Chloé runs her own theatre company: La Compagnie de l’Obskuravu. She is also a writer, director, actress and theatre teacher.

Check her portrait out

[IÉSEG] The place of women in the financial sector

IÉSEG, in partnership with Moody's, is delighted to invite you to its breakfast conference on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 8.30am to 10am. This conference, on the theme: “The place of women in finance” will be led by Carole GINTZ, Associate Managing Director, Laura KALISZEWSKI, Vice President - Senior Analyst and Élise SAVOYE, CFA Vice President - Senior at Moody's. This event takes place on our Paris-La Défense campus, Promenade de l’Arche, rooms P224 and P225. In order to give you the best possible welcome, you must register to attend this free event.

Further info & registration

[CAREER] ALUMNI, let’s keep in touch!

Alumni networks bring together professionals who have shared the same educational experience and aim to create and/or sustain lasting links that endure long after they have left the school. Find out how alumni networks play a crucial role for graduates...

Read the article

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Julie Bichon - L'Antichambre

Are you looking for something original to do in Paris for an outing with friends, family or colleagues? Step into L’Antichambre and immerse yourself in one of their 10 escape games. Locked in a room in teams, you have only 60 minutes to escape. You have to hunt for and solve puzzles, move quickly and use your thinking skills. The key to your escape will be team work!

Have an adventure in the heart of Paris...

[IÉSEG] Ethical Christmas market - Enactus IÉSEG Lille

Enactus IÉSEG Lille is holding its ethical Christmas market again this year! The event will take place on the Lille campus on Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29, 2019. This is a chance for you to showcase your products and services! Enactus IÉSEG Lille will be delighted to welcome you as a participant. If you are interested, email them at enactus@ieseg.fr or call them on 07 69 32 76 61 (Raphaëlle Afota, Event Manager).

Showcase your products & services!





[CONFERENCE] What if the time came to change your professional life? by Philippe GABILLIET @ Paris





[REAL ESTATE CLUB] Alto Tower tour @ La Défense





[CAREER] Be impactful in your public talks and produce the strongest effect in the right minds! @ Paris





[NETWORKING] Blind wine tasting @ Lille





[NETWORKING] Escape Game @ Paris





[LIFELONG LEARNING] Want to develop your skills? Join a Master class in English @ Lille & Paris



ADELAÏDE September 14, 2019 - Eugénie Recordon (IÉSEG 2006) & Vincent Coene (IÉSEG 2006)



Mélissa FORT (IÉSEG 2013) & Olivier SEROUX (IÉSEG 2013) - July 13, 2019

Marie LAFFINEUR (IÉSEG 2013) & Julien SCHMIDT - November 2, 2019

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