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December 2019

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Entrepreneurs, try your luck!

Do you have an incredible project, a start-up that will revolutionise the way we think or an idea with potential? If so, IÉSEG Incubator and IÉSEG Network are offering you a fantastic opportunity. It could be just the leg-up you need - there are two prizes of €8,000 and €3,000 - to take you to the next level.

To submit your application, it's right here.

A 40-year-old tree

In 1979, 52 students started at IÉSEG. They certainly learned a lot during their years at the school, but it was also the start of a great friendship and just like a carefully nurtured seed, it’s a friendship that has been cared for and watered (well watered!) over the years. It became their tradition to meet at least once a year and this year, just like in the biblical parable, the mustard seed they sowed four decades ago has grown into a sturdy tree. This was cause for celebration, so on October 13, 22 of them met in Brussels, as proud Europeans, for a fascinating and fun visit to the Belgian capital. They were so happy to be together that they were almost ready to start their five-year course again.

To celebrate your class anniversary, contact us.

[PORTRAIT] Maxime Pacan (IÉSEG 2000) - USA, Europe, Asia, why choose between them?

For nine years, Maxime has lived, worked and developed his career in Singapore. Now Senior Vice President - Financial Institutions Group - for CIC bank, he began his journey on an entirely different continent. In fact he started out in the US working for Deloitte, one of the four major audit firms. After a few years in Luxembourg, he left Europe for Asia. Today, Maxime has no regrets about his choices. He now sees his future in Asia!

Meeting with an alumni who is passionate about his work

[IÉSEG] And this year's sponsor is...

The ACCOR Group!! This year’s graduation ceremony has the honour of being sponsored by the ACCOR Group, represented by Laurent Picheral - Group Chief Transformation Officer. During this year of sponsorship, ACCOR will regularly be appearing at events dedicated to all students and alumni (with corporate talks, recruitment sessions, intervention strategies, career forums, company visits, etc.). ACCOR, a multinational hotel group with 280,000 employees, has nearly 4,900 facilities in 110 countries. For more than 50 years, the Group has been employing its savoir-faire in the hotel industry across 39 brands, from luxury to economy, and it continues to grow with a new address opening every other day.

Check out Laurent Picheral's interview

[CAREER] I don’t like playing politics

“Never get involved in office politics! It’s counterproductive !” Along with clashes of ego and devious manipulation, workplace politics is often viewed as a negative way of achieving objectives by putting personal interests before the interests of the organisation. But what if we took a different view of it and turned it into a useful tool for achieving our goals?

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Les Exploratrices - Will you resist this sweet temptation…

One of them is a qualified chocolate maker and the other an inveterate traveller so when Marie Fernandez and Pauline Delporte (both IÉSEG 2008) opened their tea room, the theme was one of travel and discovery. Coffees and teas from around the world and artisan chocolates are all on offer at Les Exploratrices. It also features a concept store and hosts photo exhibitions.

Travel at the heart of the confectionery world





[CAREER] Have a better understanding of yourself and develop your potential with the MBTI @ Paris





[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Wine tasting @ Shanghai





[CAREER] AVARAP meeting information @ Lille





[NETWORKING] "La Fresque du Climat" @ Lille





[NETWORKING] A little match? @ Lille





[IÉSEG] Forum Career day IÉSEG @ Paris



LÉONIE May 28, 2019 - Anne-Isabelle Hamant (IÉSEG 2007) & Arnaud Sainton (IÉSEG 2006)

CLÉMENT July 2nd, 2019 - Marion Tiravy (IÉSEG 2013) & Frédéric Humbert

FELIX July 30, 2019 - Louise Verstraete (IÉSEG 2010) & Corentin Claudin (IÉSEG 2011)

ALEXIS August 20, 2019 - Claire & Edouard Bouthors (IÉSEG 2005)

NATHAËL August 20, 2019 - Gabrielle Hurtelle (IÉSEG 2016) & Quentin Usson (IÉSEG 2015)

EMMY September 1st, 2019 - Sophie Giard (IÉSEG 2016) & Klaud Andrasse


OLIVIA September 1st, 2019 - Alexandre Da Cruz (IÉSEG 2013) & Laura Rodriguez

MARCUS September 15, 2019 - Mylène Dugois (IÉSEG 2014) & Thibaut Emler (IÉSEG 2016)

CARMEN October 6, 2019 - Maxime Prat (IÉSEG 2013) & Cerise Azières (IÉSEG 2012)

ROSE October 26, 2019 - Emma & Pierre Caffin (IÉSEG 2013)

AXEL November 3rd, 2019 - Charles DUSART (IÉSEG 2010)

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