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January 2020

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Are you all set for 2020?

It’s just the beginning of 2020 and yet we are already thinking of you. When it comes to careers or networking, in France or abroad... there’s something for everyone. Join the CAP 361° - Manage your career! programme in Lille or Paris, for example. Or take part in La Fresque du Climat workshop in Lille, the IÉSEG Network Caravan in Barcelona or visit BAPBAP, a unique place in the heart of Paris. And don’t forget the legendary annual party, the IÉSEG Alumni Forever evening… There’ll be more information in the coming weeks.

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Meet the students...

Go along to Networking Tuesdays and the Corporate Talks in the second term, organised by the Corporate Relations department and IÉSEG Network. If you were unable to take part during the first term, we’re offering you a new chance to talk about your experience with IÉSEG students. If you want to speak about one of the subjects up for discussion, contact Laetitia Dugrain to take part in events on the Lille campus and Annalisa La Monaca, for those on the Paris campus.

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[PORTRAIT] Paul Jacques (2016 - Grande École) - Comfort zone, here is the way out!

Graduated from IÉSEG in 2016, Paul chose to specialise himself by continuing with another master in Big Data & Data Science in Madrid. During his IÉSEG years, one thing became crystal clear for him: the requirement to push beyond your comfort zone added to the willingness to always initiate the first steps. His current job - Product analyst for Zalando in Berlin - was perfect to put theory into practice. A choice, he deeply appreciates on a day to day basis. The quality of life is indeed incredible in this cultural city where professional opportunities are heaving.

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[IÉSEG] Have lunch with Jean-Philippe Ammeux...

After the success of last “Club Partenaire” networking lunch, IÉSEG wishes to bring together all the members of its community around a moment of exchange. Jean-Philippe Ammeux, IÉSEG General Director, is pleased to invite you to the next networking event which will take place in Paris-La Défense at the restaurant La Dalle, Chef Julien DUBOUÉ's new site on Friday, January 24 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Due to the exclusive setting of this event, places are limited and registration is required before January 17, 2020.

Further info & registration

[CAREER] Get the gratitude attitude!

Expressing gratitude or being grateful for things that happen in our lives is much more than just an emotion or a question of manners. A number of scientists have looked into the subject of gratitude and have all come to the same conclusion: gratitude is a source of wellbeing for both the person who expresses it and for the recipient. To get 2020 off to a good start, the Career Service tells you how to get the gratitude attitude - from a jar!

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Bek & Veggie - Lover of Almond milk?

In 2017, Bek & Veggie's story began. Passionate about food, Kuukua Bentsi-Enchill (2017 - MSc in International Business) launched this little start-up whom vision is to offer a real atlernative to almond milk for consumers. The Bek & Veggie's products are therefore made with organic ingredients and has no added sugar.

Discover this alternative to Almond milk





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AUGUSTIN October 31, 2019 - Claire & Jean AMMEUX (IÉSEG 2010)



Séverine MULLIEZ (1992 - Grande École) & Benoît LEGRAND - June 29, 2019

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