[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Frangin Frangine - A ready-to-wear brand of children’s clothing with a 100% digital approach.

Frangin Frangine is an original and inventive brand of children’s clothing which is first and foremost all about mothers, (large) families and kids. We design clothes for children's wardrobes, products that look great, without frills, but always with an irresistible little retro touch. We don't compromise on natural materials, comfort, practicality or warmth in winter and all our items are very soft. We want to design fashion that’s all about children: carefree, happy, free and confident - they will have plenty of time to dress like grown-ups!

We love clothes that match for siblings, long socks, flippy dresses and children who don’t always look perfect. Our fashion is SUSTAINABLE: we produce styles for the youngest to the oldest, as well as something for all the cousins. All our pieces are designed in Paris and manufactured in Europe, sold direct and not through a middleman to keep prices down.

All too aware of environmental and social issues, we have given a lot of thought to how we can reduce our impact in an industry that has a reputation for not being very responsible ... With this in mind, we have come up with a credo. You guessed it - it’s about offering quality pieces that won’t go out of fashion, and can therefore be passed down from one child to another.

Our collection comprises items produced in Europe from Oekotex fabrics, by people we trust and close to our ateliers, which we visit regularly. We don’t waste any fabric and we transport our clothes by lorry.

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