[IÉSEG Alumni Forever] Tentez votre chance & gagnez deux places !

Want to play a little game? You will soon find out who will be our special guest on Friday, April 24. Meanwhile, would you guest what is the place hiding behind this riddle?  Radom draw among the graduates who will give us the name of the premises where the IÉSEG Alumni Forever event will take place.

"Used to be open to drama enthusiasts, the venue is now a mysterious place where privatisation makes the law.
Parties organised here would have made Gatsby gasp while at the same time attracting the eye of Coco Chanel.
In between the district where the Templars settled and the snake that cuts across Paris, it's not so far away from the pyramid that has so impressed us all.
Although its atmosphere is more like the Charleston, it has had the honour of hosting this "muy caliente" dance coming from Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York.
And now it will also have the pleasure of welcoming IÉSEG graduates for an unforgettable evening..."


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Radom draw on February 21.

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