At first we thought it was just one of those passing fads, but we soon realised that the quest for meaning that now drives the career choices of many graduates is a real social phenomenon. And this is confirmed by an increasing number of requests for support from our IÉSEG Network Career Manager, by the way!
More and more of us are questioning the meaning of what we do for a living and what we bring to society. Some go even further by making a personal passion the driving force in their professional life whether immediately after graduation or after retraining.
This was the case for the people interviewed in this latest issue of IÉS! From Gus Illusionist who packs audiences into the Palais des Glaces every evening, to Claire who opened a biscuit factory in Paris, Olivier and his wine estate, or Xavier who cycled 12,000km across Asia on a tandem. They tell us about their lightbulb moments and describe their daily lives, with clarity and insight.
How did they take their “big leap”? How did their training at IÉSEG help them? What’s their advice for an exciting career? There’s no doubt they will inspire you in your own quest for meaning and will make you want to follow in their footsteps. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to continue the conversation... then it's over to you!


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