[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] BRÂAM - The call of the good life

BRÂAM first appeared in the startup ecosystem in 2017. The idea grew out of a rejection of the typical works cafeteria - an industrial space, lacking in taste, where people eat junk food to try to combat stress with the resulting mountains of waste. BRÂAM puts the soul back into break times at work. At a time when everyone is adopting a healthier, more natural and ecological lifestyle at home, no-one was offering companies any alternative... That’s why BRÂAM chose to offer a zero waste alternative to the traditional company cafeteria.
With BRÂAM, the company cafeteria is at the heart of a virtuous circle in four respects:

1.    Its selection of delicious, healthy & natural products: nature is full of goodness and the BRÂAM team of experts carefully selects products that are full of natural benefits: snacks sold loose, baskets of seasonal fruit, coffee beans and fresh fruit juice.
2.    Ecological delivery: BRÂAM has chosen to keep logistics in-house to ensure that its values are respected. The BRÂAM fleet of vans runs on natural gas and deliveries around the Île de France are made as efficient as possible to limit their carbon impact.
3.    Making lunchtime a meaningful experience: every week, BRÂAM provides thousands of employees with delicious healthy products. It helps companies set up whole food, zero waste cafeterias. What’s special about BRÂAM is that it has found innovative and eco-responsible alternatives: coffee bean machines that don’t use capsules, water fountains (zero plastic), snacks sold loose and seasonal fruits that require zero packaging.
4.    Taking care of nature: BRÂAM products are local and organic or from sustainable farming. BRÂAM strives to always put nature first, designing eco-packaging, promoting zero waste and putting reusable jars into circulation

In 2019, BRÂAM moved into profit with 250 client companies in France - of which more than 80% were medium-sized and large companies - a team of 20 people and donated 1% of its turnover to the Cœur de Forêt association.

Discover the call of the good life in your office.

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