[PORTRAIT] Sophie Cocheril & Alice Gevaert - Two individuals, two career paths, one passion: People

Sophie Le Gac (given name Cocheril) – Grande École 2007

What was you career path after leaving IÉSEG?

Following my internship at a bank at the end of my studies, I joined Ernst & Young in Paris in financial auditing where I stayed for five years. This was an invaluable and rewarding experience that enabled me to travel, learn and gain a better understanding of business issues. Following the birth of my first child, my husband and I decided to move to Brittany. This was a time of reflection for me because I really wanted a career that was more people-orientated. Eventually, I joined a technology subsidiary of Veolia which allowed me to combine my technical knowledge with my management skills. However, as a middle manager, the pressure increased and these values no longer chimed with me. I decided to change direction and move into coaching and I trained as a coach/trainer at the Institute of Applied Neurosciences. I also discovered meditation and yoga which profoundly transformed my way of thinking. 2018 was a turning point for me with the launch of my company Manaora, whose objective is to introduce more wellness and well-being into the business world.

How did you find out about doTERRA?

doTERRA came into my life in 2018 through an aromatherapist friend. I started using the oils and incorporating them into daily life for my whole family and I was so amazed by how quickly they worked and how effective they were that it completely changed the way I look after my family. I come from a family of pharmacists and spent my childhood in my mum's pharmacy and they were a revelation to me. But it was more than just the products, I also fell in love with the company and its highly ethical and humanitarian values. I became interested in the network marketing business model something I had a lot of preconceptions about and came to realise that it was the answer to a lot of the frustrations I had experienced in business. So almost two years ago I started on this great adventure that allows me to combine two passions: coaching and natural health.

Alice Kubiak (given name Gevaert) – Grande École 2004

What was your career path after IÉSEG?

After spending a few months in Malta, I started work in a communications consultancy in Paris and eventually took over the family business in the construction sector located in the Hauts de France. Reseelec specialises in electrical networks and employs more than 30 people with a turnover of more than 4 million euros. We install dry networks for developers, underground cables, fibre optics, etc.
I have always kept in touch with Sophie and almost two years ago, she called me to tell me she was embarking on a new business with essential oils and asked me if I wanted to be part of it.
I told her I had a window between 3pm and 4pm... but that I wanted to be a customer. It was while I was trying the oils that I called her back to tell her that in fact I would like to become part of it because it would be selfish for me to keep the products to myself.

I’ve been enjoying myself ever since, recommending doTERRA oils and being able to help and support people to treat themselves with natural products. It's very rewarding!
In my job, when my colleagues walk through the door of my office, it’s often to bring me a problem ... with doTERRA people send me messages to say "Thank you"!

And the icing on the cake is that it’s a company with real humanitarian values ... without making a song and dance about it. So we are changing the world one drop at a time and it's nice to make a small contribution!

doTERRA in a few words

Set up in 2008 with the aim of supplying the world with the purest and most powerful essential oils, within 12 years doTERRA (which means gifts of the Earth) has become the largest essential oils company and has seen the same growth as Apple. This business allows families to take control of their health and wellbeing by incorporating its products into a healthy lifestyle. Each of the essential oils is certified as pure therapeutic grade (CPTG), which means that each batch is tested to ensure there are no pesticides, no heavy metals, no pollutants, no additives. All the tests are available to view on the sourcetoyou.com. website. They are so much more than organic, which is just a list of specifications for cultivation and differs in each country. Their slogan is “Change the world one drop at a time, one person at a time and one community at a time”. At the heart of the company are products that are not only good for the people who use them but also for the people who produce them. This is why they have set up co-impact sourcing. They have created lasting partnerships with small farmers and producers in more than 40 countries, in places where they can improve individual, social, economic and environmental well-being. Their deep respect for the Earth and Mankind gives the oils a vibrational quality and an exceptional power. doTERRA is much more than an essential oil company, it is a company of humanitarian aid and international cooperation.

What advice would you give to people who want to get started in network marketing?

A lot of people are attracted to network marketing for the financial gains it offers, but it is important to bear in mind that, as the name suggests, it is above all about relationships. You have to love the product and share it from the heart. Network marketing is a profession that can be learned. If you really want to get started and make it a lucrative business, give yourself a year. The first months are the most frustrating because you invest a lot of time which is not necessarily matched by the money you make. On the other hand, it is a model which allows exponential growth. The qualities needed to make it a success are perseverance, consistency of action and professionalism. Those who succeed are those who do not give up. There are no prerequisites, all the training (in the business and products) is available free of charge and you are supported, mentored, coached. No one will want you to be successful more than the person who sponsors you. It is a model based on cooperation, mutual aid and sharing, where everyone's growth (both personally and professionally) allows everyone else to grow. It is not a magic wand, but if you put in the hard work, it will bear fruit. Apart from that, it's a great experience where deep friendships are forged (or strengthened).

Workshops to try the essential oils take place on Tuesday at 10am, Thursday at 2pm and Friday at 6pm. Registration online: alice.vivesens@gmail.com or sophie@manaora.fr

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