[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Pimp My Team - The company which brought a new twist to the business of advertising

Business partners Charles-Henri Carton and Aurélien Chiquet (both Grande École 2015) launched their company in 2012, but waited until the end of their studies, in September 2014, to embark on the venture full time. It was an immediate success, helped by a detailed understanding of the market and a handful of customers they had gained in their first two years, when their time was divided between business meetings and the classroom.

From 2014, the two friends carefully shaped the internal structure of their organisation, quickly surrounding themselves with staff, but also building on their product offer. Their message was clear: Do less, but do it better!
The company deals in product design, Made in Europe, Made in France and electronic products from China, but scrupulously respects existing standards and is fully respectful of workers’ rights. The company is also on its way to becoming an “official dealer” for the textile brand Stanley-Stella, known for its organic cotton, its ready-to-wear collections, and for its commitments to cotton farmers.

Apart from the attractive and finely crafted items, Pimp My Team offers other services related to its products. Including:

-    Onboarding solutions for new employees: Welcome your new employees and help them feel at home from the first day. This includes a Welcome Pack, with everything you might need, according to your budget. In general it consists of a mug, a t-shirt, a notebook, or even a pen featuring the company colours and logo. Pimp My Team can even come up with a welcome message: www.pimpmypack.fr 

-    Catalogue management solution: With its swagshop, Pimp My Team offers to manage all your customers' needs. Logistics, inventory monitoring, creating the online store, supply or delivery, all you have to do is choose the products to go in your store and it'll take care of the rest: https://urlz.fr/cuLx

Finally, Pimp My Team believes actions speak louder than words, when it comes to its values.
On its site for personalised umbrellas, www.untempsdechien.fr, 1% of turnover is donated to the charity for guide dogs for the blind.
Earlier this year, the company joined the #ParentalAct movement, which aims to give one month's parental leave on full pay to the second parent.
Finally, more recently, in view of the current health crisis, Pimp My Team decided to donate 72,000 ponchos to different hospitals and care homes in the north of France to help combat the lack of protective overalls for our nursing staff.
They can do more, but for that they need you!
Sign up here to take part: https://fr.ulule.com/habillononsnossoignants/

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