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Nov 07, 2017


November 2017

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Let's meet on December 11 for the inauguration of the new Parisian building!

The opening ceremony of the new IÉSEG building, called “Promenade de l’Arche”, will take place on Monday, December 11, sponsored by Pierre-Alain VIELVOYE (IÉSEG 1992), Chairman of Adéo group. Jean-Philippe AMMEUX will be glad to welcome you for this event which, more than just the opening of a building, symbolizes the school development since you left it. This opening ceremony will gather the entire IÉSEG community - board members, partner companies, donors of the Foundation, parents, alumni, partner universities, staff and student representatives - which will enjoy a cocktail party as well as a few surprises and animations.
You’d like to take part in the photo contest organized as part of the opening? You can try your luck until November 16, and maybe win one of the prizes, as well as having your photos exhibited on the opening day.

[CONFERENCE] Public Speaking and leadership

You would like to know more about public speaking? IÉSEG and IÉSEG Network organize on Thursday, November 16 a conference hosted by Stéphane André, founder of the "École de l’Art Oratoire", called “Public Speaking and Leadership”. Learn about contract laws and technical bases that you must know to be a great public speaker. Whether during a work meeting, or in front of a limited audience or an audience of tens if not hundreds of people, Stéphane André’s method can help you deliver your message clearly.

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[PORTRAIT] Sylvie Corrigou – 1 company, 2 countries, 6 job functions, 20-year career

Graduated in 1998, Sylvie Corrigou started her career as department manager at Decathlon’s headquarters. She gradually climbed up the ladder and seized several opportunities as interesting as they were varied. After 18 years at Decathlon’s headquarters, Sylvie decided to change her living environment. Since 2016, she has been living in Chile with her family and working on Decathlon’s development in that region. And her work is bearing fruits with the opening of the first store in March 2018 in Santiago de Chile.

Discover her portrait

[IÉSEG] Call for proposals 2018 - IÉSEG incubator

The IÉSEG incubator launches its call for proposals for the 2018 class. You are an entrepreneur and would like to be supported as to set up your own business? Apply now to be part of the next IÉSEG incubatees promotion in Lille or Paris. The incubator will provide you with an office (open space or private), personalized support, group or individual coaching sessions, and networking with experts in various fields and with an entrepreneurs’ community. The incubation period will last from January to December 2018.
Are you interested? Send your Pitch deck and cover letter to the incubator before November 17, 2017, 12 pm.

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[CAREER] Demystifying individual coaching!

The first individual coaching is now one of the key services provided by the association. It consists in 1 hour-appointment with a coach to exchange and discuss about your career. Thus, since April 2017, more than 100 alumni have benefited from personalized support. All alumni can benefit from a free session. How does it work? What can you expect from it for your own development? In what cases should I use this career service? Find all the answers you are looking for in the November's career news.

Discover the individual coaching by IÉSEG Network

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] "Crèches en Fête", it all began with a trip...

"Crèches en Fête" results from the collaboration of Elodie Picard (IÉSEG 2008) and Moy Valverde (former Mexican exchange student at IÉSEG). In 2013, not long after settling in Mexico for Michael Page, Elodie traveled across the country and discovered the richness of its craft industry. She shared her strong interest with Moy who invited her to a craft fair near Guadalajara. Together, they met two families of craftsmen specialized in Christmas cribs. And they just fell in love with them! Less than a year later, Elodie crossed the Atlantic with her first order, and she launched her web store in 2016.
As we are entering the Christmas season, come discover her collection of Christmas cribs.

"Crèches en Fête"

IÉSEG Entrepreneurs' Christmas catalogue is back for the second edition!

Discover in a few days the new edition of the IÉSEG Entrepreneurs' Christmas catalogue, even richer than last year and offering you 100% IÉSEG products & services. Our entrepreneurs have talent and we are pleased to showcase some of them for Christmas. Find inside the catalogue Perus, KarlandMax, "Les petits radis"... and several others. The catalogue will be available from the second half of November online and by email, with all of this year's offers, sometimes with a pleasant surprise disguised in a reduction offer only dedicated to IÉSEG. Do not hesitate any longer and buy IÉSEG gifts for Christmas.

Discover right now this edition's entrepreneurs




[WORKSHOP] Springboard Job Search (2010 to 2017 class) - Lille




[CONFERENCE] Public Speaking and leadership - Paris




[WEBCONFERENCE] What kind of stressed-out person are you? Learn the stress mecanisms to know how to live with it - Online




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Dubai




[WORKSHOP] Experimented Alumni Seminar (6+ years), Springboard to take control and go further! - Paris




[REGIONAL CLUB] Ch'ti Diner @ Lyon


GABRIEL & AUGUSTIN September 7, 2017 - Sylvia BARRETEAU & Nicolas TOUBOULIC (IÉSEG 2007)

APOLLINE October 25, 2017 - Emmanuelle & Quentin CHAPUIS (IÉSEG 2010)

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