[ENTREPRENEUR] Cani-gourmand – The natural treat for dogs

Cani-gourmand is really the story of Aurélie [Dedieu - Grande École 2018] - a caring dog owner, struck by what she was seeing on a daily basis. On one hand, there has never been more food waste generated by butchers and fishmongers, and on the other hand, dogs are increasingly affected by eating disorders. Excessive tartar on their teeth, bad breath, lack of stimulation for their jaws and their sense of smell was leaving them out of sorts or even with health problems.

The perfect solution, however, has existed for over 100 years and was being put into practice most notably by her grandfather, a butcher and dog-lover: he would set aside the unsold scraps and dry them in a particular way to turn them into doggy treats which had the added bonus of descaling their teeth. The family savoir-faire gave birth to Cani-gourmand treats: ethical, grain-free, additive-free, preservative-free - in short, 100% natural treats.

Cani-gourmand is now a dog chew specialist, offering a selection of delicacies to keep your dog occupied for several hours. The importance of chewing is often underestimated, but this is an essential activity for dogs at all stages of their lives. As well as relieving their teeth when they are puppies, it has multiple benefits which are both physical or behavioural. Chewing is a source of mental, olfactory stimulation but also an important physical experience for their well-being. Dogs which have a natural diet, frequently chew and eat bones, but when they are given industrially processed food, there needs to be a way to compensate for what is lacking. Cani-gourmand treats have been designed to offer each dog a specially adapted regular chewing activity, to make them happy and keep them healthy.

Everyone deserves to know about these innovative doggy treats so Cani-gourmand has launched a project on Kisskissbankbank to finance a mobile shop and help dog owners get to know its products.

You can support their project by:

1)  Clicking on the heart in the project page
2)  Making a donation
3)  Sharing the great news with all the dog owners you know!

It’s all here: https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/cani-gourmand-leur-faire-plaisir-naturellement

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