Clémence Wiart - A career that sprung from a passion

What can you tell us about yourself

I graduated from the Grande École programme, after specialising  in International Negotiation and Sales Management (Grande École 2015, but starting class of 2014!) And now I am a floral designer (so yes, IÉSEG really can lead anywhere!). I have very fond memories of my five years there, packed with learning and meeting new people. IÉSEG offers unique opportunities for study, internships abroad and also meeting students of all nationalities on campus.My internships with Lomography in France and in the Austrian head office as well as my university exchange to Belo Horizonte in Brazil are the moments that really stand out for me. I learned about new cultures and ways of life, picked up new languages and forged valuable friendships there.
Most significantly I met the illustrator Cloé, aka “Un si beau monde”, who still works closely with me to this day doing illustrations for my studio.

What are the significant steps?

After my experience at Lomography, I pursued my aim of working in the art market, something I had wanted to do since since high school - I also completed the first year of a Bachelor of History of Art through distance learning during my third year at IÉSEG. I therefore decided to continue my studies by doing an MBA specialising in the International Art Market at ICART Paris.

This MBA, combined with my IÉSEG diploma, meant I was able to get jobs in major auction houses where I worked in the art departments, with the works of art, then behind the scenes in the support departments.

After that I moved to Lyon and worked for an online art sales site ... before deciding on a complete change of direction!

What was this change and why did you make it?

Having studied art and management, I had chosen to go down the management route, but my desire to be in a creative profession working with my hands as well as working for myself caught up with me! So I retrained as a floral designer in 2019.

That is how, having worked on my concept and business plan, and undertaken my training, I got the opportunity to join the Espace des Entrepreneurs incubator in Lille and set up the Studio Paupiette floral creation studio.

What is Studio Paupiette?

The story of Studio Paupiette is one of a passion, flowers and needlework.
It is there that I make unique decorations, bouquets and accessories, based on dried flowers, sometimes adding embroidery.
I also provide flowers for events, all in an eco-responsible way: I use mainly French flowers and zero plastic!

What are you most proud of?

What I’m most proud of is the fact that I dared to take a risk, to change lanes while all everyone’s eyes were on me - and I did it. Floristry is a profession that is under-appreciated, like most craft professions, unfortunately. It’s starting to change, but many people don’t understand why I decided to give up my old job after spending so long studying.

But I don’t regret doing it, far from it! Between managing the business, accounting, marketing and negotiating with suppliers and customers, I can honestly say that IÉSEG is a real asset in my daily life. It enables me to calmly take control of the set up and management of my business.

Any advice?

I have just one piece of advice: if you have a dream, even if it sometimes seems a little odd or unusual to other people, believe in it and above all, do it!

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