[NEWSLETTER] September 2020 - Will the IÉSEG Alumni Forever party take place?

The answer is YES! However with one significant difference. In the current health crisis situation we are living in, we refuse to take any risks with your health. To that end, what would you say about an evening performance with two amazing artists: Gus Illusionist & Patrick Chanfray? This program will replace the initial one with cocktails, drinks & DJ. Therefore, this event will allow us to meet in person as well as bring our support to the entertainment world and the event industry.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding the organisation or if you wish to be reimbursed.

N.B. - Sanitary conditions: Hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal and the use of masks will be mandatory, even once you'll be at your seat. Limited to 180 seats.

Pierre-Alain Vielvoye (Grande École 1992) – Action with a capital "A"

The IÉSEG Pierre-Alain graduated from in 1992 was quite different from the one we know today. It is difficult to imagine IÉSEG as an institution with a regional dimension, and yet... However not everything has changed: it’s still possible to spend 24 hours a day on the Lille campus and the hard work and the feeling of being part of the IÉSEG family continues to shape students.
Currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ADEO Group, Pierre-Alain looks back on the three high points of his career, which enabled him to reach this very senior position. Watch his video testimony now.

My Move - Private Hire & Taxi comparison app for young people

Check the prices of Uber, Kapten, Heetch, Bolt and LeCab… with just one app? You can do just that! My Move, the Private Hire & Taxi comparison app, created by young people, for young people, helps you find the cheapest ride in less than three clicks. Founders Adrien Messih and Marine Tricault (Master student) were fed up with having to pay through the nose to get home from parties, which is why they created My Move to combat information asymmetry and lack of visibility in the Private Hire market. With My Move, you save clicks, time and money. It's always nice to save €7 per ride for an extra drink, isn’t it?

AMBA accreditation for the PGE

Since June 2020, the Grande École Programme (PGE - Masters in Management) has obtained the prestigious international “AMBA” (Association of MBAs) accreditation. AMBA uses rigorous evaluation criteria and does not accredit institutions as a whole. IÉSEG already holds AMBA accreditation (for a maximum of five years) for its MBA portfolio, its MSc in International Business (MIB), as well as its new "MIB Tech". This latest accreditation thus represents more international recognition for the PGE. This program is notably listed in the world rankings of the best Masters in Management (published for example by the Financial Times or The Economist).

Be the mentor you would have liked to have had at the start of your career

Now you are established in your chosen career, how about becoming a mentor to an IÉSEG student? Thanks to you and your advice, your mentoree will be able to embark on the start of his career with confidence. Your experience and your professional perspective will be an invaluable tool in dealing with the different choices they will have to make. Keep in touch with your mentoree in person, by email, phone or Skype! All that is required is a few hours spread over the course of a semester to build a bond.
A question? Contact Annalisa La Monaca.

Kaizen philosophy

Do you want to achieve your goals effortlessly? Do you want to develop your self-confidence by taking on challenges that seem insurmountable? Do you want to make high-impact changes in your life? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, the Japanese kaizen method is for you! Read on to discover the founding principles.

Do you know someone?

IÉSEG Network recruits a full-time assistant for its office in Lille. Which bring us to our question... Do you know someone with a backgroung in management assistantship who has ideally a first work experience in this sector? Today, more than ever let us act in solidarity and think of our network.

CHARLOTTE December 21, 2019 - Auriane FOURRIER (Grande École 2013) & Nicolas SAMAILLE (Grande École 2015)

ARTHUR June 15, 2020 - Clotilde Buriez (Grande École 2009) & Ludovic Clerc

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family and you will receive a gift!


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