[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Minidoc - An agency for the price of a freelancer

What does Minidoc offer?

Minidoc is an audiovisual production agency that is positioning itself as the transparent alternative for business videos.

If a company wants to make its own videos it currently has two options: it can use an agency or a freelancer.

1.    An agency generally offers a high-quality service with a high price to match
2.    The quality of freelance services may vary, but they are generally less expensive than agencies

Minidoc markets itself as an agency for the price of a freelancer. Its videos, prices and options are all displayed on www.minidoc.fr and the commissioning is done directly online.

Apart from its competitive prices, Minidoc sets itself apart by offering a service based on three principles: support, quality and delivery times. Each client is assigned an individual project manager who liaises with the artistic director, motion designers, editors, graphic designers and cameramen. As for production times, Minidoc is committed to delivering a first version within five working days.

How does the platform work?

Customers can choose the format, the duration and other options for their project. Whether it is a motion design or a promotional film, the user is taken through the process step by step. A project manager is available to answer any questions and best advise each client.
Motion design involves animating texts, shapes and even characters. It is carried out in-house. For promotional films, Minidoc has developed a network of freelance cameramen in charge of filming. The post-production part is then done in-house. This way of working allows it to offer fixed pricing anywhere in the world and avoids unnecessary travel or accommodation costs for customers.

Who are the founders?

Paul and Aurélien are the co-founders of Minidoc. They first met 10 years ago in the United States. Aurélien studied at HEC Montreal and Paul at IÉSEG. They launched Minidoc just after graduating and joined the IÉSEG incubator. Four years on and Minidoc now has 25 employees and has expanded by opening a production office in Mauritius.
Minidoc can now count hundreds of companies of all sizes as well as associations and collectives among its clients.

What’s next for Minidoc?

Development is currently underway for the second part of the site. This will streamline the management of projects by centralising all discussions on the platform.
In addition, setting up a subscription service will allow companies to benefit from support in producing their video content while keeping a handle on their budgets.

Have you got an idea for a video project?

Go to www.minidoc.fr to see their work and discuss your needs!

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