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Jan 10, 2018


January 2018

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Here we are in 2018 !

IÉSEG Network wishes to all of you a very good year filled with projects and success, personally speaking as well as professionally ! This year, our main objective is to keep strenghtening the IÉSEG Network career offer, starting by the imminent arrival of a new recruit within the IÉSEG Network's team. We will also continue to plan many networking events in France as well as abroad. We hope to meet up with many of you all along this beautiful coming year !
See you very soon, the IÉSEG Network's team.

2018 will bring changes to IÉSEG Network…

At the beginning of February, each of you will discover the new IÉSEG Network magazine. School news, portraits of graduates, information about your network… find all details and even more in our first issue. This magazine will be sent to all graduates living in France and in the neighboring countries, but it will also be available online both in French and English. You’d like to get the paper version? Don’t forget to update your mailing address on the IÉSEG Network website!

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[PORTRAIT] Jade Declercq - How she made the most of her IÉSEG years!

This month, we choose to showcase a IÉSEG student, Jade Declercq. She started IÉSEG in 2012 for its universal training and its international dimension. Currently in her last year of master, Jade came out of her shell during her IÉSEG years. Her commitment to the "IÉSEG Promo" association, her 2 exchanges in Colombia and India, added to her various internships were for her diversified and rewarding experiences.

Discover her portrait

[IÉSEG] It’s conference time at IÉSEG!

On both campuses of Lille and Paris, the school invites you to its two next conferences which will address two current topics. On January 11 in Lille and on January 18 in Paris, “What are the prospects for the international and national economy in the short and medium-term?” Then on January 25 in Lille and February 1st in Paris, “Generation Z: from Z consumers to Z collaborators”.
Both conferences will be held in French.

Discover the IÉSEG's conférences

[CAREER] Do you know AVARAP?

This association has helped more than 12000 participants, has 30 years of experience in career transition and offers you a proven method in career transition and job research. The “AVARAP groups” are intended to graduates who have at least 3 to 4 years of professional experience. Want to know more about AVARAP? Please attend one of the information meeting on the AVARAP method: the next meeting will take place on January 16 for graduates with 3 to 5 years of experience.

Learn more about AVARAP

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Jacotte Tricote, born of a granny's passion...

Sara chose to do a consulting project rather than a thesis to complete her IÉSEG education. And that’s how Jacotte Tricote was born. Jacotte Tricote are knitwears made by enthusiastic grandmothers. This idea has been in her mind for a long time, because she inherited her grandmother’s love for knitting.


[IÉSEG] First graduation ceremony for IÉSEG Executive Education programs

On Friday December 15, 2017, the first graduates of the "Executive MBA" and "Executive Master Specialized® in Financial Management" received their diplomas at the Paris-La Défense campus. During the ceremony which gathered 150 people, Jean-Philippe AMMEUX and the program directors - Catherine DEMANGEOT (Executive MBA) and Patrick DAGUET (Executive MSDF) handed the diplomas to the graduates. Nicolas Messio, President of IÉSEG Network, warmly welcomed these new graduates in our Network.

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[NETWORKING] Cooking class - Lille




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Mozart Musical show - Shanghai




[CAREER] GERE, Manage your career: Workshop 1 - Lille




[CAREER] Workshop : Structure of our interests & its impact in our professional life through the STRONG Test - Paris




[WEBCONFERENCE] #42 Conflicts inside a company & mediation - Online




[WEBCONFERENCE] #43 Get ready for IÉSEG Corporate Fair (held in English) - Online


NOÉ Decembre 27, 2017 - Quiterie de Rorthays (IÉSEG 2008) & Arthur Massiet du Biest

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family




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