[PORTRAIT] Aurélie Wattebled et Claire Delabre - A meaningful challenge

Aurélie (Grande École 2007) is from Grenoble and moved to northern France to study at IÉSEG - she never left, apart from a small detour to Argentina in her fourth year. This super active, bubbly, caring, mother-of-three is now responsible for communication and finance in the family business.

Claire (Grande École 2007) is from the far north of France and has been living in Belgium for more than a decade. Before joining IÉSEG, she trained as a dancer and was awarded a gold medal in classical dance at the Conservatoire de Paris. After spending two years abroad in Mexico and the United States, she worked on numerous assignments for Orange in Channel operations, sales and now in marketing and CSR.

And you’ll never guess how they met?

On their first IÉSEG integration day at Énnetières-en-Weppes during the clothing chain game, can you believe it? :D

They now have even more in common than they could possibly have imagined then. Both are mothers to three children, they met their husbands at IÉSEG and they live their lives at 100 miles per hour: work, children, friends, sport, yoga, travel. At the end of 2019, they both threw themselves into a new challenge: taking part in Raid Amazones!

So, what is Raid Amazones?

It is first and foremost a charitable sporting adventure for women. Over five days, they will tackle a series of challenges to raise money for their chosen charity, EndoFrance. The event involves canoeing, running and cycling, orienteering, archery and trail running, in Thailand at the end of 2021 - after much procrastination as a result of the Covid 19 crisis!

Why did they choose to support EndoFrance?

In fact, they will be joined by a third person for the challenge. Anne-Sophie, the wife of a friend from IÉSEG who suffers from endometriosis and polyarthritis. They hope to raise awareness about endometriosis, a disease which is still relatively unknown among the general public and women themselves.

Here are a few of the sponsors who will be supporting them:
Equipment: Decathlon
Publicity: IÉSEG Network
Financial support: AG2R, Akor2Prêt, Strate Ingénierie, Proteram

If you would like to follow them or support them, like their Facebook page or Instagram account

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