[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Fairly Made, the 100% eco-responsible textile library

In 2018, 80% of millennials said they wanted to make their purchases from more responsible brands. Laure Betsch (Grande École 2016) and Camille Le Gal perfectly understood the desire for transparency being expressed by consumers. Mindful of the colossal impact made by the industry, in 2018 they decided to launch Fairly Made, the first 100% eco-responsible textile library in France.

Laure and Camille met in Hong Kong where they had both been working for several years in the textile industry (for among others, Maison Kitsuné in the case of Laure, and Chanel and Les Gens for Camille). They were both aware of a real lack of eco-responsible options in the sector, so they decided to visit several factories, while thinking about the most efficient way of achieving their goal.

Now they work with brands in two different ways:

  • First, by working on the production side. Working in collaboration with clothing brands, Fairly Made plays a part in the manufacture of clothing from spinning, through to assembly, ensuring the traceability of each step. They work with: Asphalt, Des Petits Hauts, Etam, Balzac, among others
  • Secondly, by offering brands a way of measuring their socio-environmental impact, so they can then put in place appropriate solutions.

Now based at the heart of Station F, in Paris, Fairly Made recently joined season 4 of the Maison des Startups LVMH incubator. Through their work, Laure and Camille aim to become the benchmark for eco-responsible sourcing in France and Europe and thus create a lasting impact on the textile industry.

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