[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Revlys - France - and that’s it!

Holiday company Revlys is first and foremost two environmentally aware individuals who want to share their passion for travel. Their own experience has shown that getting away from it all is a very particular and personal experience, shaped by the profile of the travel-ler, but also by specific and sometimes quirky requests. Forget package holidays and tell Revlys exactly what you are looking for, for a trip that is truly made-to-measure.

Revlys - France - and that’s it!

Since 1980, France has topped the list of the most visited destinations in the world. And is it any surprise? With its varied landscapes, gastronomy and cultural heritage, the country has many tales to tell and many sumptuous places to discover. Could the grass possibly be greener elsewhere? Solène (Grande École 2018) and Axel (Grande École 2016) are certain that’s not the case!

The Revlys experience begins with an online questionnaire. What region would you like to visit? What type of getaway (sporting, surrounded by nature, lazing around etc.)? How long do you want to go for (a weekend, a week)? What type of accommodation (villa, gîte, something a bit unusual …)? How many people are in your party (group, children, animals etc.). Solène and Axel analyse all their customers’ wishes and send a first proposal by email which they then refine on the telephone. Each trip is based on three or four themes: nature and discovery, gastronomy or culture and thrills for the more adventurous. Then each holiday-maker is free to enjoy their stay as they wish. They also draw up a  list of recommendations (restaurants, outings, visits) in addition to the programme initially discussed.

Designed to capitalise on the savoir-faire of the area and reveal some French specialities, Revlys encourages and advocates trying local products, at national and regional level. A careful selection of providers and activities is drawn up to ensure a high quality stay. Is there something you are looking for in particular? The startup even offers concierge services and can find you a babysitter. And for the more spontaneous and impulsive among you, Revlys also organises “last minute” stays.
For companies: team-building and morale-boosting,

Revlys offers tailor-made experiences to strengthen the bonds within company teams.
                • Incentive trips: Discover France with your team! Promote the qualities of its cultural and gastronomic heritage. Take part in fun activities with a purpose. Strengthen the bonds between team members.
                Management seminars:  Choose an extraordinary setting and really get the most out of business trips. Draw inspiration from these places. Whether on the edge of a big city or in the heart of nature, get away from it all with an enjoyable experience.
                • Internal events: Take over an unusual venue to create an unforgettable experience. Use these large gatherings to energise and consolidate the social links within the company. Give them the best, they will repay you in spades.
Travelling light, both literally and figuratively
How to travel responsibly is one of the challenges facing our society. At Revlys, this possibility is within reach by only offering stays in France that are 100% carbon neutral. “Offset to compensate” by travelling light, both literally and figuratively. In association with the startup Carbo, they are now choosing to carbon offset all their stays from November 2020.
Much greener than a trip to the other side of the world, the ‘Made In France’ escapes by Revlys include a social commitment to craftsmen and regions that have suffered the full brunt of lockdown and are suffering great economic losses. If these trips can also do a good turn for the environment that’s all the more reason not to miss out!

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