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Sep 12, 2016



September 2016

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Emilie joins our team this month

In the Alumni Association, our big news is the arrival of Emilie CHAMBAUD! Some already know her, since she is an IÉSEG graduate from the year 2008. After her graduation, she moved to Barcelona, where she first worked at Hewlett Packard as a key account manager before joining a Spanish company Idesa Parfums as responsible for the production plan of their range of cosmetics. Having understood the usefulness of IÉSEG Network (which she used to get into HP), and benefited from our IÉSEG Network afterworks in Barcelona, she returned to France and joined IÉSEG Network team this month.
She is based on the Paris campus, and replace Agathe Dessery, who left the association this summer for new horizons - we take the opportunity to wish her all the best!

Do not hesitate to contact us, our whole team is at your disposal for any help you may need.
Laetitia Dugrain NOEL
Managing Director IÉSEG Network

Directory 2016-2017 has arrived

The latest version of the directory has just arrived! A beautiful book, with still more and more people: 5750 alumni! Thank you to all IESEG graduates who supported us by advertising it.
Watch your mailboxes! It should arrive within 2 weeks’ time maximum ... (free for all members)

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IÉSEG ranked 17th in 2016 Financial Times global ranking of the best masters in management

IÉSEG has climbed 4 places to reach the 17th place in the latest Financial Times global ranking of the 90 best masters in management, published on Monday 12th September. IÉSEG is also in sixth place in terms of the French Schools in this ranking.
This ranking confirms the strengths of the School notably in terms of internationalization, the excellence of academic staff, and the recruitment of graduates.

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The Executive MBA newly certified AMBA!

The Executive MBA from IÉSEG is designed for executives and operational managers, just like you or maybe your relatives or employees, who want to continue their work while developing their skills. It is particularly focused on the development of lasting and positive leadership skills, allowing you to lead teams that will turn the vision of your organization into a reality.

Still not sure? The AMBA international accreditation, which guarantees the quality of MBA programs, has been awarded to the IÉSEG Executive MBA, in addition to the EQUIS and AACSB accreditations; so that IÉSEG enters the very closed circle of triple accredited schools.
Grab the opportunity to achieve your goals by subscribing to the IÉSEG Executive MBA!

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Discover the Career & Management Program, proposed by IÉSEG Network for the next semester. Between september & december 2016, you will be given a chance to learn how to manage your stress thanks to sophrology, to know how to deal with a toxic person or even to hold the keys to complete your job search. Conferences, workshops, webconferences... All you need to do is choose and register.

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After-summer meeting at Lille - Aperitif Network

Want to push summer forward a little bit? Enjoy a delicious cocktail in Little Havana on September 27th ...
This is an opportunity to get together with other IÉSEG graduates, talk about your holidays and about all your good after-summer’s resolutions! It is also an opportunity for those of you who are interested in meeting Keycoopt, our partner that allows you to win up to € 1000 recommending people you know for job offers. Whether you are actively looking for a job, researching about the market, or at work and not ready to move, you can become coopter!
Interested? Register!

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Francesc COLL, (MIB 2013) develop Padel-Tennis in France

Graduated with a MIB in 2013, Francesc worked at L'Oréal then Air France. Originally from Spain, he chose to stay and live in North of France to develop a very popular sport in Spain: the Padel. For those who do not know the Padel (yet), it is played on a smaller court, encased by walls and fence.
Francesc begins by the launch of his first company which commercialize Padel courts. More recently, he launched à second company: FRANCESC Sport Equipment, with still the same main objective: increase the practice of Padel-tennis in France.

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[CLUB] IÉSEG au Féminin - Sophro workshop by Léa Lapotre, Lille





[CONFERENCE] Human management in organisations' changing, Paris





[WEB-CONFERENCE] #27 Toxic individual: 7 keys to handle them at work





[GERE - MANAGE YOUR CAREER] New session Lille or Paris





[OFFICE] Afterwork @ Dubaï





[WORKSHOP] Manage your stress thanks to sophrology, Paris



CLÉMENCE june 8th, 2016 Aude & Cédric CHEVRIER (IÉSEG 2006)


ELIOTT june 30th, 2016 Perrine DE KORSAK (IÉSEG 1999) & Gilles BRAZ

MARGAUX july 10th, 2016 Ludivine (IÉSEG 2004) & Hans DECROOS-INEMER

GARANCE july 25th, 2016 Constance (IÉSEG 2009) & Pierre-Yves MENAGER LHEUREUX


VICTORIA july 30th, 2016 Angèle DESREUMAUX (IÉSEG 2013) & Jefferson LOISON (IÉSEG 2012)

VICTOIRE august 26th, 2016 Anne-Laure & Guillaume (IÉSEG 2002) DETOURMIGNIES


Erratum : Pauline VANDIERENDONCK (IÉSEG 2010) & Nicolas POUPARD (IÉSEG 2010), july 2nd, 2016



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