IÉSEG and ICIE (IÉSEG Centre of Excellence for Intercultural Engagement) are organising their 2021 Intercultural Engagement week from March 15 to 18 

As part of its numerous initiatives to promote intercultural learning, teaching and research, the School is organising its 2021 intercultural engagement week on March 15-18 in an entirely digital format. 

The event will address a variety of themes linked to teaching, corporate and student commitment, research and the challenges of personal and professional life more generally in a globalised environment. 

In keeping with the School's vision of becoming "a unique and international hub to train and empower changemakers for a better society", the Intercultural

Engagement week is part of its goal to make cultural intelligence a key part of the DNA of all students and staff. 

You can sign up for the following events:

March 16: 
-    A workshop on "Diversity and inclusion in business: why and how?” led by ICIE experts. 

March 18: 
-    A round table (in French and in English) on the theme "Cultures and identities in a VUCA world" with different experts including Joel Brown, Chief Visionary Officer of Pneumos, and moderated by Laure Ayosso. 


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