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Oct 05, 2016



October 2016

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At the beginning of this year, IÉSEG & IÉSEG Network conducted a survey among IÉSEG alumni. The idea behind this poll was to measure the level of responsability, of salary, of management, ... and much more.
With a slight delay, here are the results! You will find: the overall survey results regarding the MIB and IMBA programs.You will also have access to the Grande Ecole Program results and with them a form to get more details on every type of functions.
To discover the survey results, please click here.
Thank you to all alumni who answered the survey.

IÉSEG Entrepreneurs' Christmas

You are an ENTREPRENEUR? Participate in the « IÉSEG Entrepreneurs’ Christmas »! IÉSEG Network gathers nearly 6,000 people, and lots of great ideas emerge from this network. To showcase entrepreneurs that develop quality products, IÉSEG Network launches for the first year the « IÉSEG Entrepreneurs’ Christmas ».
How does it works? If you have good products or gifts to promote for Christmas, share them with us! IÉSEG Network will send to the community by mid-November the offers from the network. And if you can, offer a promotional code as a bonus ;) !
For Christmas, buy IÉSEG

Contact : Emilie CHAMBAUD
e.chambaud@ieseg.fr / +33 (0)

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Thibaut CHAILLON (IÉSEG 2005) A career between champagne & spirits

Currently Marketing Manager for the "Champagne Piper-Heidsieck", Thibaut CHAILLON (IÉSEG 2005) has built most of his professional career in the fields of champagne and wines & spirits; all of this while keeping an international dimension for some of his experiences.

Discover his portrait

IÉSEG unveils its strategic plan for 2016-2021

IÉSEG has unveiled early in September its new strategic plan for “2016-2021” which has been approved this summer by the Board of Trustees. Drawing on the results of a collective Vision process involving the whole IÉSEG community, the new plan aims to position IÉSEG among the best international business schools.Jean-Philippe AMMEUX, Director of the School, noted: “Over a period of 18 months, the whole IÉSEG community (students, academic and administrative staff, alumni, corporate representatives) took part in a deep visioning process to define what the School will be in 2025. This collaborative process was based on a thorough analysis of the School’s strengths, areas for improvement, its roots and values, as well as an identification of future trends in society and higher education.”


Webconferences in english available to all alumni

Discover the Evisors webconferences available to every IÉSEG students & graduates. A library which gathered more than 160 recordings to watch when you want and were you want. To benefit from it, log in with your email address (the same one you use on IÉSEG Network website) to www.ieseg-network.evisors.com.

Webconferences Evisors

[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Adrien BELHOMME (IÉSEG 2016) and the new ways of working

In september, Adrien BELHOMME (IÉSEG 2016) launched a website and a podcast dedicated to the future of work and more specifically about the new ways of working (freelance, self-employed worker, ...). Following this launch, he also organises an event in Paris about the digital nomadism, on october 22nd. On this day's agenda: workshops, conferences, roundtables discussions and a lunch. Since he is himself an IÉSEG alumnus, he offers a 50% discount to IÉSEG graduates.

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[ANTENNE] Afterwork Ping Pong in London




[NETWORKING] Wine tasting night - Paris




[ONLINE WORKSHOP] Job Search Jump Start




[ANTENNE] Afterwork @ Genève




[ANTENNE] Dinner @ Barcelone




[CLUB CONSEIL] Afterwork @ Kanon Pub - Paris


AUBIN may 23rd, 2016 Charlotte VALLET DE VILLENEUVE (IÉSEG 2010) & Guillaume FAVROT (IÉSEG 2010)

LOUISE july 22nd, 2016 Aurélie AUBERT (IÉSEG 2007) & Alexis WATTEBLED (IÉSEG 2007)

HENRI september 2nd, 2016 Elodie PICARD (IÉSEG 2008) & Thomas TEILHET

CASTILLE september 11th, 2016 Christelle DUBOIS QUESNEY (IÉSEG 2008) & Alexis QUESNEY (IÉSEG 2008)


Mathilde LEMAIRE (IÉSEG 2006) & Constant DE LA POMÉLIE (IÉSEG 2007) - Septembre 10th, 2016

Sylvia BARRETEAU & Nicolas TOUBOULIC (IÉSEG 2007) - September 24th, 2016


Managing Director IÉSEG Network

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- More than 2000 graduates involved in the IÉSEG Network activities during the past year

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