[PROFILE] Mathilde Bres (Grande École 2012), helping companies go green

What prompted you to choose IÉSEG for your studies?

I was drawn to the high quality of the teaching, the classes in English and the possibility of studying abroad. I took the oral exams for other top schools, but it was the warm welcome at Lille that swung it for me!

What were the highlights of your time at the School?

My first year there and meeting people I’m still friends with today, the parties and of course the international outlook. I had an amazing year at St Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India and a term at Canisius College in Buffalo, USA. These were experiences that changed my view of the world, it was a real voyage of discovery. I was already the environmentally friendly one of the group, but I came back to France with these experiences having made a real impression on me and with a real need to "do the right thing".

What have been the big steps in your career?

After working for two years in Paris in CSR, I moved to Nantes and coordinated a network of companies and universities that wanted to move forward collectively with sustainable development. Whether it be workshops, training or audits ... my IÉSEG training was put to use in promoting the values I believe in. I then stepped aside for 10 months to travel to Europe with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), and when I got back, I wanted to continue to share my knowledge as an independent.

How did you come to set up Hosidy?

Hosidy came about as a result of my passion for the challenges of ecological and social transition, and the changes in behaviour and economic models. All of my jobs - and my thesis - have been related to these changes. Suffice to say that awareness has come a long way since I joined IÉSEG in 2007!

Today, I offer support to companies who want to prepare for current and future upheavals: carbon neutrality, adapting to climate change and preserving biodiversity, not forgetting people and their quest for meaning in the world of work. I suggest ways and means to act on these principles in the way they work to start an ambitious transition that guarantees the viability and sustainability of the company. I am convinced that for ecological transition to take place companies must be on board.

What does Hosidy mean?

Hosidy is the contraction of the three adjectives I use to describe the support I give: Honesty, Simplicity and Dynamism.

I want to be 100% honest about the impact of human activity, to avoid minimising what I am saying or the interdependence of the issues.
I’m not a fan of complexity, I avoid reinventing the wheel and aim for simplicity.
As someone who is always curious and energetic, dynamism is the key word when it comes to supporting people!

These three adjectives also feature in the company’s mission statement: “In the face of the ecological and societal emergency, we are there to support you in the changes you make with honesty, simplicity and dynamism, to get you started quickly and heading in the right direction”.

If you had one piece of advice for students currently at the School, what would it be?

At an academic level, get as much experience as you can in a variety of companies: start-ups and micro-businesses, large companies, but also all types of SSE. I hope the movement of mission-oriented companies will continue to grow, and we will see more and more Impact Native companies - those that are aware of their negative impact from the get go and who build in the measures required to limit it.
And at an individual level, ask yourself what skills you learned at IÉSEG can be put to work for a cause that is close to your heart: one that you would work for even if you didn't need a salary.

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