[ENTREPRENEUR] The Layette Club, a breath of fresh air for new parents and their babies

The idea for the Layette Club was born at about the same time as Caroline Guillemin's (Grande École 2003) second daughter. It all took off in June 2020. Her aim was to provide somewhere to escape the isolation that new parents can sometimes feel, to improve their well-being and to allow them to nurture the bond with their baby.

Caroline offers various workshops to support parents throughout their child's development, starting with pregnancy. The workshops can take place at home or in partner locations, notably in Colombes (92). Among the various workshops on offer, there is massage (whether for the mother-to-be or the baby), babywearing workshops, and even yoga classes. Caroline is keen to offer a variety of options, so every parent can find what they need. To find out about all the workshops offered by the Layette Club, visit the website.

The Layette Club also has some other great projects ready to launch in the months to come, including Un Jour Magique. The idea came about when Caroline realised how much waste was generated by children’s parties. She is considering setting up an alternative to enable parents to organise ready-to-go, eco-friendly parties. She realised that much of what’s required comes down to relieving parents of the heavy mental load that can surround these events. Her motto has therefore become “Lighten the mental load for parents, give children the party of their dreams and think of the environment”. The idea is being tested to refine the concept and it should soon be available to the general public.

In another move aimed at helping parents, Caroline also wants to give expat families access to her workshops. They can often find themselves feeling very alone when faced with the changes that come about with the birth of a new child. By offering group workshops, she hopes to help them to meet other families in the same situation and create a bond between them. To reinforce this project, Caroline has developed partnerships with Stud'Yo (Clichy) and Petite Forêt (Paris 8th).

All these fantastic idea draw on the same values. Caroline is keen to be of service, to help and support (future) parents in the same way that she would have liked to have been supported herself during her two pregnancies. We would therefore urge you to check out what’s happening with the Layette Club and keep an eye on its latest news because one thing is certain: Caroline is bursting with ideas and has only just got started.

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