[PODCAST] Changemaker Stories #6 [EN] - What it means to be a leader

When was the last time you felt like you were making a difference? How can we, as individuals, make a real impact on the world around us?

Changemaker Stories is a series of encounters with experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and more, who are each leading their own small or large revolutions in order to improve the world of today and tomorrow.

Through various topics such as social entrepreneurship, finance, technological innovations or the ecological transition, get inspired and become a changemaker to build a better world.

Changemaker Stories is produced by Echoes Studio.


Discover the sixth episode in English of 'Changemaker Stories' on the theme 'What it means to be a leader' with Johannes CLAEYS, professor @IÉSEG.

Today we talk about leadership with Johannes Claeys. He has been teaching at IÉSEG School of Management for several years now, and published regulary in Top Academic Publications.

What is his definition of leadership? Are you born a leader or do you learn to become one? Is it measurable?

Being or becoming a changemaker requires the development of leadership qualities. As a manager, an entrepreneur, a futur employee in a company listen to this episod to get the best advice to become a positive leader.


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Enjoy your listening!

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