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Apr 06, 2018


April 2018

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IPaidThat & Eclo – Winners of the IÉSEG 2018 Entrepreneur Awards

Congratulations to Hugo Allary (IÉSEG 2011) – IPaidThat – and Ladislas Fontaine (IÉSEG student) – Eclo – who won the 2018 entrepreneur Award (8 000€) and the jury’s favorite prize (3 000€) respectively. Thank you also to the 31 IÉSEG entrepreneurs who participated in this 3rd edition. The award ceremony took place last Tuesday, March 13 and was preceded by a conference on “Entrepreneurs: who can give you support and how? Key levers to develop your startup!”. The conference was led by 2 IÉSEG student associations - How I met your start up & Impakt Makers – and also by 4 speakers who belong to the world of entrepreneurship:
- Philippe Kuhn – "Caisse d’Epargne Hauts de France", sponsor of IÉSEG incubator
- Benoit Charle (IÉSEG 2002) – BPI, the bank for entrepreneurs
- Sébastien Zecchini – ZTP, Investment fund, expert in trade and innovation
- Pierre Maury – Merito, 2017 award-winner

The event was a real success, we are looking forward to the next edition!

IÉSEG Network hires an Alumni projects officer in Paris

You loved your time at IÉSEG? You wanted to come back to IÉSEG once graduated? So join the IÉSEG Network team to coordinate the school alumni network! Based on Paris campus, you will have to coordinate the Ile-de-France network, act as an intermediary for IÉSEG students and graduates, lead various projects for the network, manage the association social networks, and carry out many other interesting missions! So stop waiting and discover all the details of our offer.

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[PORTRAIT] Viktoria Gunnarsson – Combining professional career and associative commitment

Viktoria (IÉSEG 2017) will graduate on Saturday, May 19 during the award ceremony which will take place in the Espace VIParis in La Défense. Since she joined IÉSEG in 2011, Viktoria has always put human relationships at the heart of her projects. Her experiences in Peru and India, her involvement in IÉSEG associative life (TEDx & Impakt Makers) and her one-year-internship at Adeo which led to a 1 600km-cycling-expedition across France to meet social entrepreneurs have enabled her to define her desire to help improve today’s world.

Discover her portrait

[IÉSEG] Try co-opting!

As an IÉSEG graduate, you are the school's best ambassador! Surely you know someone in your professional or personal circle who is considering an Executive MBA or an Executive Master Degree? IÉSEG now offers 4 Executive degree programs on the Paris campus. These programs have been specifically designed to meet the needs of business professionals as their part-time format is compatible with the pursuit of a professional activity. Recommend IÉSEG Executive Programs and win a gift card worth 500 €.

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[CAREER] The map is not the territory...

Two persons can perceive the same event from a different – and even opposing – perspective. For instance, one will consider a situation as an opportunity while the other will see it as a threat, and yet the actual situation is the same! Do you know why? Because each person constructs his own vision of the world based on his perceptions and thus has his own representation of reality... This observation leads us to explore one of the assumption of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) borrowed from the Polish mathematician, engineer and philosopher, Alfred Korzybski: “The map is not the territory”.

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Thibault Daures – co-founder of Find your Leasing

Find your Leasing joined the incubator on the Paris campus in 2017, and it has been co-created by Thibault Daures (IÉSEG 2017). They recently receive the "French Tech" grant, which will allow them to develop rapidly their own platform.
Designed for individuals, this on-line car leasing comparison tool aims at enabling each individual to access in just a few clicks the leasing offer (long term leasing or lease-to-own) that matches his needs. A professional can also contact you via the platform as to get more information or even get a test drive.

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[PROFESSIONAL CLUB] Meeting with GAFAM: Digital economy Leaders - Paris




[NETWORKING] Beer tasting - Lille




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork - Brussels




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork - Dubai




[REGIONAL CLUB] Laser Game - Lyon




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork - New York


CHLOÉ November 13, 2017 - Frédérique PIRUS (IÉSEG 2006) & Sébastien MOUCHOT (IÉSEG 2006)

LOUISE INÈS January 21, 2018 - Gina & Mohammed DERRAR (Exective MS Direction Financière)

CÉLÉNA February 20, 2018 - Aurore BURIETZ BARAKAT (IÉSEG 2010) & Jad BARAKAT (IÉSEG 2010)

ELISE 18 mars 2018 - Sophie CAVROIS (IÉSEG 2006) & Mathieu PARMANTIER (IÉSEG 2006)

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