[ENTREPRENEUR] Les Apprêtés is helping to make fashion more sustainable by renting out eco-responsible clothing and accessories

Set up by Marie Brandicourt and Anne-Claire Chanvin (both Grande École 2014), Les Apprêtés was launched in March 2020. The idea is to make fashion more responsible by hiring out new outfits instead of selling them so customers can still enjoy a frequent change of wardrobe.

What would you find if you did a little stock take of your wardrobe? Dresses, shirts, t-shirts, trousers… How many of your clothes are you actually wearing?

On average, the French only wear a third of their clothes yet in just 15 years, textile purchases have increased by almost 60%.
This impressive growth in clothing consumption is driven by fast fashion. The “disposable” fashion trend is driven by certain brands which renew their collections very frequently and at low prices. The aim is to make us consume more and more, sometimes to the detriment of quality, employee working conditions and the planet.

So how can you indulge your love of fashion without sacrificing your style and the planet?

This was the challenge that prompted Anne-Claire Chanvin and Marie Brandicourt to set up Les Apprêtés: the first subscription service for renting out eco-responsible clothing and accessories for men and women.

Why choose to rent? 

To lessen the environmental impact of production, clothing should be worn as often as possible. Thus, by focusing on the circular economy, renting not only reduces the volumes of clothing produced but also increases their rate of use.

Starting at €59 a month, you can satisfy a need for a new look by changing your wardrobe once a month, from a varied, stylish and eco-responsible catalogue. All the brands available for rental meet a strict criteria of style and transparency in terms of the materials used, and their place and conditions of production.

Indeed, the aim of Les Apprêtés is to support consumers in making the ecological transition. No detail has spared in the bid to permanently change the world and fashion, in terms of enjoyment, responsibility and consistency: eco-responsible products, an ecological laundry service, reusable bags, and end-of-life management for clothes.

So, after receiving their delivery, all the subscriber has to do is enjoy wearing the clothes they have chosen and then start again the following month with no guilt!


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