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Dec 06, 2016



December 2016

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Launch of IÉSEG Network clubs!

As we appoach the end of 2016, IÉSEG Network launched its online clubs, a platform of meetings, mutual support and privileged viewpoint exchanges, it is also a great way to keep you informed of the news of IÉSEG and IÉSEG Network. Discover now

  • The class clubs where you will find all of your former fellow classmates,
  • The "pro" clubs run by Alumni experts in their fields,
  • The international and regional clubs to make the most of the community that surrounds you.

These clubs aim to federate the network by allowing you to share your good deals, your experiences... do not hesitate to participate!

[PORTRAIT] Meeting with Hugues LE CHEVALLIER (IÉSEG 2012)

Discover the unusual path of Hugues Le Chevallier. After a master in Finance, he graduated from IÉSEG in 2012. Still unsure of the professional path he wished to follow, he strung together experiences abroad: Ghana, India. In december 2015, he started another adventure and joined the French Navy for a year and a half.

Discover his portrait

Join a "GERE" team & manage your career

You want to clarify your professional project? You are interested in boosting your job search? You are currently working but need some change in your daily life? IÉSEG Network invites you to join a "GERE" team, for 5 months. During this period, you will have the opportunity to participate to 5 workshops focused on managing your career while exchanging with other professionals. Let’s meet on January 24th for the opening session hosted by Olivier Jupin (IÉSEG 1996) in Lille & Caroline Jumelle in Paris.
New! The workshop “Definition of your professional project” is now conducted during 2 sessions.

Registration Lille or Paris

Participate to UCL IÉSEG research Anthropo-lab

In order to further strengthen research at IÉSEG, the school has started a partnership with the Anthropo-lab of the Catholic University of Lille. This lab is devoted to experimental research that studies individual and group behavior, e.g. how consumers choose among different products, which information people pay more attention to, etc.
To carry out experimental research, IÉSEG & the Catholic University of Lille need people who want to participate to the experiments, and this is where we hope to count on you, IÉSEG alumni! Not only you will share your personal insights, you will also get the opportunity to win 30€!

Further info & registration

[WEB] Have you set your “CLASS AT HEART” on our website?

Some of us liked IÉSEG so much that they decided not to do their curriculum in 5 years, but rather in 6, 7, sometimes even 8 years...
As a result, you may not be officially a graduate of the class with which you shared the most at IÉSEG. This is why IÉSEG Network has created a "CLASS AT HEART" tag: This is the academic year to which you have the strongest sense of belonging. For example, a graduate who ought to have finished in 2006 but graduated in 2007 would be included in 2006 “CLASS AT HEART” field. They can also subscribe to the Club PROMO 2006 in order to receive the information of this academic year (academic year anniversaries, events...).
How to add your class at heart? Go to your profile.


Reliable recruitment: what works well!

Some people may develop inadequate, excessive or even dangerous behaviors in specific or stressful contexts. It is sometimes fundamental to identify difficult personalities in recruitment processes, beyond predicting their performance. Generally speaking, how to improve the reliability of recruitment and, in some cases, how to detect dysfunctional personalities upstream?
Discover what are your options and how they can help you choose the right candidate!



More than a year ago, Pierre Caffin (IÉSEG 2013) launched "Squête" with 4 friends, while he worked for TBWA agency. The “Squête” is a solid oak board, a fortnight of manufacturing, a workshop in the “Yvelines” and some blue, white and red. The “Squête” team shapes this noble material in a unique & elegant object, with refined lines which is also a heartfelt allusion to the 60’s american skateboards. For Pierre, this 2nd activity is a good way to find hard facts thanks to the product, some strong human contact with the client & challenge through his partners. Discover this product and much more in our Christmas Catalogue: in Flipbook or in PDF!

Further info...




[WEB-CONFERENCE] #32 Business models digital economy




[NETWORKING] Afterwork before Christmas - Paris




[CONFERENCE] Polar expeditions & management - Paris




[NETWORKING] Dinner of parisian clubs for new year




[CONFERENCE] Communicate to an audience with ease & efficiency - Paris




[GERE - MANAGE YOUR CAREER] New session Lille or Paris


HUGO october 4th, 2016 Ricky YOUNG (MIB 2015) & Carole LI

OMBELINE november 9th, 2016 Floriane CHANALET QUERCY (IÉSEG 2007) & Timothée CHAMPETIER DE RIBES (IÉSEG 2007)

EDOUARD december 1st, 2016 David MULLIEZ (IÉSEG 2002) & Florence CAFFIER


Director IÉSEG Network

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A powerful network with more than 6000 Alumni

- More than 2000 graduates involved in the IÉSEG Network activities during the past year

- Friendly events organized all year long

- Assistance for your career management

- More to discover on www.ieseg-network.com

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