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May 04, 2018


May 2018

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Let’s meet on June 22, 2018 for our annual network party!

Summer season is coming up and the time spent between friends on a terrace matters to you! So what about meeting your IÉSEG classmates at the annual network party? We have booked the ideal venue for this special event: located "Port de l’Arsenal", at Bastille, the "Grand Bleu" offers an outdoor terrace as well as an indoor space, to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris. And that’s not all: a delicious cocktail dinner, bubbles, Mojitos, Spritz and Bobo, music… what a perfect combination for a special event! Register now and benefit from the “Early Bird” rates.
And for those who would like to clear their head, you can attend the IÉSEG summer university which will take place on the same day, on “the new boundaries of firms”.

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You like to use your mobile to check your emails, do some internet research or many other things in your daily life?! So don’t wait any longer and download the IÉSEG Network's app ! You will then be able to access all the association's career services, register for networking events and get your network latest news.
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[PORTRAIT] Julie Verhaeghe – The beginning of an exciting career at Danone...

Graduated in 2015, Julie started off her career at Danone with a 6-month-internship in marketing. Hired as Global marketing Assistant, she was then quickly promoted Brand manager – Healthcare nutrition at Danone in Amsterdam. Like Julie, several graduates have joined Danone over the years, and therefore this company has been chosen to sponsor the upcoming graduation ceremony which will take place on Saturday May 19, 2018 in La Défense.

Discover now Julie’s video portrait


Founded 5 and 42 years ago, IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris and IÉSEG CONSEIL Lille are the Junior-Enterprises (J.E.) of IÉSEG. Located in the heart of Paris and Lille, IÉSEG CONSEIL aims at meeting the companies' marketing and business strategy needs by mobilizing resources and students’ expertise. We act as a consulting firm and conduct studies to respond to various issues. To that end, we rely on a strong national network and on three core values which are cohesion, entrepreneurship and commitment to excellence.

Need to conduct a study? Don’t hesitate to contact IÉSEG’s J.E.!

[CAREER] Your gestures say out loud what you really think!

Irresistible scratching, micro movements almost imperceptible of our face and body, frozen gestures, subtle eye blinking, hand gestures in the air, all these mostly uncontrollable gestures speak much louder than words! Because even if we choose our words carefully, the body language always tells the truth. And synergology aims at deciphering this truth! To discover what lies behind this weird word “synergology”, IÉSEG Network invites you to attend the conference held by Stephen Bunard, Synergologist and Speaker, next May 24: «Your gestures say out loud what you really think!» Synergology or body language to help you boost your relational intelligence.


[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Hugo Allary (IÉSEG 2011) – I Paid That

At the beginning of 2012, after only 2 years of employment at ASO, Hugo ALLARY (IÉSEG 2011) decided to create his own company. Eager for new experiences, he goes to the US where he meets Sébastien Claeys, an engineer from Epita, with whom he will co-found several startups among which the latest: IPaidthat , “SaaS” (Software as a service) which automates and scans the start-ups, very small businesses and SMB’s accounting, by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The concept? The company connects its mailbox and its bank login details, and like magic the accounting is done automatically thanks to the invoice search and automatic recording. Everything is synchronized with its bank account to make sure no proof of payment has been forgotten.

Want to know more?




2017 IÉSEG's class - Graduation's party - Paris




[CONFERENCE] Your gestures say out loud what you really think! - Paris & Lille (visio)




[WORKSHOP] Develop your personal & relational impact through the NLP (workshop 1/3) - Paris




[NETWORKING] AMBA Afterwork - Paris




[BIRTHDAY CLASS] 10 years of the 2008's class - Lille




[WORKSHOP] Have a better understanding of yourself and develop your potential with the MBTI - Paris


CASTILLE March 26, 2018 - Inès & Benoît ROUX (IÉSEG 2009)

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family!


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