Revlys is a French travel agency specialising in tailor-made holidays within France 🇫🇷. We promote the regions: producers, artists, craftsmen, and more broadly all those who play a part in our heritage and our culture. What’s more, our stays are 100% carbon neutral 🍀 (offset by climate projects in France). 

For the past few months, we have been developing a new form of travel: Workation. Quésaco? 

The concept was created almost ten years ago in California. Workation is a combination of the words work + vacation. To understand this term, you must first go back to its origins. It is used to refer to a team-building trip that combines elements of work, relaxation, and sightseeing. It can also refer to a team-building activity in an unusual setting. To understand what we mean, here are the nine commandments of Workation by Revlys. 


1 • You’ll become creative, peaceful, and productive 

We offer places in the heart of the countryside to promote calm and thus improve your creativity and productivity. 

2 • You can enjoy a fridge full of local products 

The trip is also a chance to enjoy good food. At Revlys, we put the focus on local products and recipes so you can enjoy trying some new flavours. 

3 • You won’t go hungry 

Eating in the morning and at midday is essential to help you focus. That’s why we have an in-house chef at your disposal so you can fully concentrate on your work. We also offer dinner if it takes your fancy. 

4 • You can allow yourself some free time 

We recommend a day off in addition to the weekend: working is good, enjoying yourself is better! 

5 • You'll be staying in a place that’s sparkling clean 

To improve your well-being and therefore your working time and downtime, we will include a cleaner who will keep everything pristine. 

6 • You’ll remember it as an unforgettable week 

Like all the best holidays, these moments of enjoyment with your colleagues will give happy memories for years to come. 

7 • You’ll forge even stronger bonds 

This is the opportunity to create or deepen friendships from another perspective. For better and for worse, as they say! 

8 • You’ll enjoy a healthy body and mind 

Because nature is conducive to intense (or gentler) physical exercise, we offer all types of activities, with or without a coach, to restore body and mind! 

9 • Your carbon footprint will be zero 

No more 24-hour business trips to the other side of the world - CSR has become an essential aim. We favour local destinations for low-carbon trips. 


It sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about Workation, read our blog post on the subject! We also arrange exclusive stays bringing together several teams from different companies, for very specific business themes, presented by experts in the field. 

If the idea of mixing business with pleasure in your professional life appeals to you, contact us! 

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