[PODCAST] Changemaker Stories #13 [FR] - Promoting social commitment in companies

When was the last time you felt like you were making a difference? How can we, as individuals, make a real impact on the world around us?

Changemaker Stories is a series of encounters with experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and more, who are each leading their own small or large revolutions in order to improve the world of today and tomorrow.

Through various topics such as social entrepreneurship, finance, technological innovations, or the ecological transition, get inspired and become a changemaker to build a better world.

Changemaker Stories is produced by Echoes Studio.


Discover the 13th episode in FRENCH of 'Changemaker Stories' on the theme 'Promoting social commitment in companies' with Elise THIBAULT-GONDRÉ, Grande École 2016.


Elise Thibault-Gondré is a graduate of IÉSEG's Grande École program and co-founded the startup Day One, a platform that facilitates the social commitment of companies by allowing employees to carry out missions for associations. 

In this episode, we talk about the societal commitment of companies and the interest of this type of mission. 

What are the advantages for a company? What can it bring to employees? What differentiates a SSE from a classic company? Or how to reconcile business and social? 

So many questions that we will try to answer. 

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Enjoy your listening!

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