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Jun 05, 2017


June 2017

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This year, IÉSEG exceeds 1000…

On Saturday, May 13, the Graduation Ceremony gathered in Lille Grand Palais for the 1st time the "Grande Ecole" Program as well as the Post-Graduates Programs for the pre-graduation ceremony.
It gathered 2500 people including 750 alumni (425 from the "Grande Ecole" Program & 325 from the Post Graduates Programs). Regarded as a resounding success for both parents and alumni, this edition started with a cheerleaders show from IÉSEG ; followed by speeches, including the one from the sponsor, Jean-Marie Simon, Executive Vice President, Atos and the one from Nicolas Messio (IÉSEG 2003), IÉSEG Network president. Then, each alumni was called on stage with all of his program's classmates. The event ends with a cocktail.
Once again, congratulations to the 663 young graduates from the "Grande Ecole" Program and 361 students of the Post Graduates Programs. We hope to see you soon at our next events !

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[PORTRAIT] Olivier Faucon - From an international career in marketing to viticulture...

After his graduation, Olivier Faucon (IÉSEG 1996) chose to work abroad in marketing. Having met with people who loved travels, he followed their footsteps with a World tour and some professional experiences in several cities such as London, Taipei, or Shanghai. For a few years, he chose another path and became a wine-grower in the "Terrasses du Larzac" in the region of Languedoc.
You want to know more about his wines, Olivier organizes a wine-tasting on June 12 at the Duret Hotel in Paris.

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[IÉSEG] Focus on the 15 days of the IÉSEG Oral Exams

Each year, IÉSEG organizes on its campus in Lille the famous oral exams which are the last step for high school students to know if they will join the school and become IÉSEG students. This year, they took place between May 10 to May 20 and gathered the admissions after high school as well as the admissions for students who will integrate IÉSEG in 3rd, 4th year and the ones who want to join IÉSEG apprenticeship programs. This event gathered more than 480 professionals including 275 alumni.
We thank all the alumni who had the time to participate. It was also a good opportunity for them to discover or re-discover the school buildings, to bring back some memories from their IÉSEG years and sometimes even meet up with some classmates. This interesting experience, suitable for the expansion of everyone's network, will unfold on both Lille & Paris campuses next year!

[ACTU CARRIERE] How do you personally take care of your life-long learning and development?

You can take for granted that the future is unpredictable – this said, you have to be the entrepreneur of your own career, there is no alternative. How can you do it?
In addition to this article, you will find an access to a special graduates rate for the IÉSEG summer university, on June 22 at Paris, on the inspiring theme "Changemakers for a better society".

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Karl & Max - a shoes history

Karl&Max is a company established in 2016 by Charles Willmann and Maxime Millet (both IÉSEG 2014 graduates). Their concept is to propose leather city shoes having the comfort of the half-measure at the price of the big series. How is it possible? By developing with podologist a concept of shoes with modular inside which they then dressed by respecting the aesthetic codes of luxury shoes.

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[IÉSEG] Become a co-opt for the Executive MBA and win 500€!

In September 2015, IÉSEG launched an Executive MBA designed in partnership with Cegos, with the aim of making its participants positive and transformative leaders committed to sustainable performance. In this changing environment, analytical skills are no longer sufficient. It is now essential to be able to think and decide on the long term, and by mobilizing those around you.
The third year of IÉSEG’s Executive MBA will begin on October 6th and we invite you to co-opt and win a gift voucher worth 500 € if a person from your professional or personal circle of acquaintances joins the program.

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[NETWORKING] Afterwork - Shanghai




[NETWORKING] Afterwork - Brussels




[NETWORKING] Cooking class - Lille




[IÉSEG] 2017 Summer University - Paris








[NETWORKING] "Pétanque" night with HEI Alumni - Lyon


ELOÏSE March 27, 2017 - Aurélie LERUEZ (IÉSEG 2001) & Bruno DUBOSCQ

ELIO April 11, 2017 - Marie-Elodie FARDIN (IÉSEG 2006) & Alan TURNER

ACHILLE April 12, 2017 - Valentine MULLET (IÉSEG 2008) & Jean-Eudes BARBEROT

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